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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

schakron and kim.jpg - 51.98 KbA couple days after the world celebrated Mothers Day, the men leading the People’s United Party instructed Yolanda Schakron to sling as much filth as she can at the Special Envoy for Women and Children. Mrs. Kim Simplis-Barrow’s popularity and high approval rating has been a pain in the neck of the PUP‘s executives. The wives of Prime Ministers have traditionally been left out of the political mudslinging but Mrs. Barrow is simply accomplishing too much to be ignored. From sources inside the PUP, we know that many were upset during the Briceno era for not going hard after ‘Lady Kim’. Fonseca has vouched no holds barred and Kim Barrow is now enemy number one. Not only are the party’s women leaders forbidden from attending or even publicly supporting her women empowerment initiatives, but they are also to speak ill against her and question her motives at every public forum. At a PUP press conference on Tuesday, May 13th, it was Yolanda’s number called.

The woman, who launched her political career on the casket of her nephew and from the tears of mothers grieving lost sons, accused Mrs. Barrow of vanity. She voiced the concerns of the PUP women group about the money spent on the 20,000 Strong Women Empowerment Rally; accounting of funds raised internationally for the Inspiration Center and cost of the Harper’s Bazaar Interiors eleven page spread.

The meaning of vanity is excessive pride in one’s own self worth or accomplishments. Schakron points to the Harper’s Bazaar Interiors spread when accusing Mrs. Barrow of vanity. If she or her party would contact the magazine, they would learn that Mrs. Barrow’s role in the piece was quite to the contrary. The magazine wanted to do a story on Mrs. Barrow’s professional success and philanthropic initiatives that have been recognized internationally. They simply wanted to do an interview and photo shoot with her. The ideal setting was in some studio in Los Angeles. Mrs. Barrow requested that the magazine’s feature be not solely on her but about Belize, her home. The publisher accepted her proposal but since it amounts to free advertisements for tourist destinations in Belize the Tourism Board would have to cover the cost of shooting sites in Belize. The Belize Tourism Board spent about US$25,000 and the resorts contributed in kind, valued about US$30,000 for the project. Full page advertisements in such publications cost in the range of US$40,000. Therefore, the eleven page spread on destinations across Belize would have cost US$440,000.

The magazine is distributed mainly in luxury hotels, spas and high end interior stores in United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East. Dubai of the United Arab Emirates is one of the top five fastest growing tourist destinations in the world, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization. As a result of the spread, tourists staying in hotels across the great city of Dubai will discover destinations such as Lamanai Archaeological Reserve, Placencia, the Silk Cayes and Ambergris Caye as well as the luxury private island Cayo Espanto. They will learn of resorts such as Turtle Inn, Victoria House and the luxurious El Secreto. Yolanda Schakron said the magazine “doesn’t even reach the people that come here for tourism.” It was the only bit of truth spewed out of her mouth during her jealous rant. The objective of advertisement is not to attract the customers one already has but to attract a large block it doesn’t. The Belize Tourism Board is hoping to tap into the huge Middle East market.  

As for the funds raised internationally, that money is not for the Inspiration Center. It is for a project that will make the PUP women hate on Mrs. Barrow a lot more. Mrs. Barrow’s internationally fundraising initiatives are for the construction of a state of the art Pediatric Intensive Care Unit that is currently being built next to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. It is a project that she launched long before the outbreak in the NICU and a project that will ensure children of Belize receive the highest level of care available.

A bit of advice for Yolanda, the next time the PUP call on you to speak about vanity, look in the mirror, the gold and gloss that you put on is by far more of a testament to your vanity than Mrs. Barrow will ever demonstrate. Oh, and by the way, the reason you were invited to attend the latest PUP press conference was not because you were wanted there, rather it was because you provide the snacks... Yoli, they are using you!

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