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Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

Friday, May 16, is teacher's day and throughout the entire country the day will be used for teachers to have social gatherings and interactions with each other at various locations in the districts. It would have been a national celebration which would have taken place in Benque Viejo but plans had to be changed after the Belize National Teacher's Union was unable to fulfill its financial obligations to the event.

The last time there was a national teacher's day was on in 2009, at that time the BNTU contributed $24,000 for the event to take place. The expectation was that the union would have been able to at least meet the same contribution as they did the last time but the union's executive said they were unable to do so. Instead they said that they would only be able to give $10,000 which simply is not enough for the event to take place.

The national gathering of teacher's would have cost in the region of $116,000 dollars and it is an expense which would have largely been shouldered by the Ministry of Education and other private donors along with the contribution by the teachers union. The BNTU not being able to contribute its portion has forced the event to be scaled back down to district observances.

We are not certain why the union is unable to contribute to the event as they have in the past, maybe it was that they printed too many t-shirts where they claimed to have the teachers back but now when they are truly asked to have the backs of the teachers they are unable to fulfill.

Currently there are some 2 thousand contributing members to the BNTU all of whom contribute approximately $20 a month. Simple mathematics would have it that the union collects about $480,000 a year in dues.