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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

Rasha Dawson lost her right leg in a traffic accident twelve years ago when she was only six years old. Life has not been easy for the young resident of Evergreen Street living with a disability. However, she has not made her physical condition limit her potential and that is one of the many reasons she was recognized by the Belize Police Department and honoured with the Do Di Rite Ting Award for April/May 2014.

Instead of being a dependent, Rasha has chosen to be a champion. She is a member of Belize Association of People living with Disabilities (BAPD) where she and her group volunteer to assist those people living with disabilities who cannot leave their homes and also raise funds to feed the less fortunate. She is also member of Motivating Youths of Belize (MYOB). MYOB helps teenagers to avoid the negatives of life and stay on the positive path. The group meets weekly and holds fundraising activities in order to give food and clothing to the less fortunate.

One time Rasha was with some cousins who were stealing. She refused to condone their behavior and had them return the goods that were stolen. She was recognized by the shop keeper for being a model citizen and exceptional teenager. The turning moment in young Rasha’s life was losing her leg. It was a traumatic experience and extremely difficult time becoming used to using a prosthetic leg. She says it was the roughest physical and psychological time of her life but it was that experience that makes her a person who has the strength to know she is ready for anything the world throws at her.

18-year-old Rasha Dawson is a very successful fourth year student of Gwen Lizaragua High School and a worthy recipient of the Do Di Rite Ting Award.