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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Friday, 24 May 2019 00:00

On Thursday, May 16, 2019 on 7NEWS Julius Espat said: “We are here to bring down this government …”

Her Majesty’s Government of Belize, also referred to as the Belizean Government is the democratic administrative authority of Belize, a constitutional monarchy under a parliamentary democracy. It was formed in 1981 after gaining sovereignty from the United Kingdom. Executive branch: As head of state, Queen Elizabeth II is represented in Belize by a governor general who acts on the advice of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet. Legislative branch: The National Assembly of Belize is a bi-cameral body which consists of a House of Representatives and a Senate. Judicial branch: Members of the independent judiciary are appointed. Local government: Belize has a system of local government comprising four types of local authorities: city councils, town councils, village councils and community councils [Wikipedia]. Why would a member of the Legislative branch, a member of the very Government, say:” We are here to bring down the government…”?  Why did Marisol NOT ask him for clarification of that shockingly outrageous statement?

On Jan 6, 1854 James Buchanan wrote: ”Surely the Mosquito Indians ought not to prove an obstacle to so happy a consummation. Even if these savages had never been actually subdued by Spain, this would give them no title to rank as an independent State, without violating the principles and the practice of every European nation, without exception, which has acquired territory on the continent of America.  They all mutually recognized the right of discovery, as well as the title of the discoverer to a large extent of interior territory, though at the moment occupied by fierce and hostile tribes of Indians.  On this principle the wars, the negotiations, the cessions and the jurisprudence of these nations were founded.”

“On this principle (violently stealing land from innocent people who had lived on it for 23,000 years BEFORE Columbus crossed the Atlantic)…the wars, negotiations, cessions & jurisprudence of these [Western] nations were founded!”  Outrageous and worthy of maximum condemnation! Every human being should focus on every action pertaining to the above; with the explicit goal of identifying every willful crime that was/is committed against humanity. History, as well as current events must be examined very, very carefully under the microscope! Recently, one hundred and sixteen states at the UN General Assembly voted in favour of returning control of the Chagos Islands to Mauritius!  Could this be the beginning of the end for the extremely chancy ‘might make right?’

The more than 7.5 Billion humans on this earth are under real threats from the actions of a very small number of humans who ‘anoint’ themselves as being entitled. They deny global warming/climate change. They engage in endless war and seem itching for nuclear war. The danger is very real indeed…The risk is the destruction of life as we know it…

I am happy that the Belizean voters became so very concerned over the diabolical motives of the likes of Nembhard, M. Espat, Julius, Mose, Nuri, Myvett and all the other disgruntled PUPs. Regardless of what name some gave to their organizations, they all wanted to take down a good government for personal reasons – SHAME. Julius expressed his thoughts into words that are easy enough for all of us to understand. Individual act on their thoughts and words… that is the danger!

Remember the blue and white Cayo banner that read: ”PARTY BEFORE COUNTRY.” Also remember Brackett’s #Go Blue post. When taken together it is very easy to see that some disgruntled PUPs have consciously formulated a nefarious scheme to gain power by any means necessary. They are desperate for power. Political power at any cost…The fact that they are quite willing to risk the whole country should open every eye to just how dangerous they truly are! A legislator who does not even know that he is an integral part of the government is definitely NOT fit for the job.

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Written by By Thamar Jones   
Friday, 24 May 2019 00:00

Webster defines entitlement as: “the feeling or belief that you deserve to be given something (such as special privileges).”

Millennials get a bad rap for feeling entitled, but this problem transcends generations.  Rich people think they deserve special treatment because they’re rich. Poor people think they deserve a handout because they’re poor. Middle class people think they deserve to move up because they’ve done x, y, or z.

The truth is that you’re entitled to very few things in life. Free speech and the right to a fair trial are two examples if you live in the free world. But when it comes to a high-paying job, a nice house, healthcare or education, you’ve got to work for it.

Entitled people feel like they deserve something regardless of how much work or effort they’ve put in. An entitled mindset will quickly sabotage your fulfillment and limit your success.

Let’s look at a few common statements that will keep entitled people poor.

“I’ve Done This (fill in the blank mediocre task), So I Deserve That”

This is the most common belief people hold. They believe that because they’ve accomplished something (be it big or small), they somehow deserve something else in return. What compounds the problem is that the majority of people feel entitled to something significant after accomplishing something mediocre.

“I pay taxes, so I deserve free housing, free education and a well-paying job”.

In Belize, we often compare our quality of living to that of first world countries. But how do our work ethic match up?

The issue I want to address is why this type of thinking will keep you poor.

First and foremost, an entitled mindset doesn’t give you the motivation to make forward progress. When you submit to an entitled mindset, you’re going to be disappointed when you don’t receive your unjustified reward. And this disappointment will ultimately prevent you from putting in the work in future. Why would you put in the work? You already feel like you’ve done the most and didn’t receive the appropriate return.

If you want to be successful, you need to stop expecting something for nothing. Instead, you need to focus your energy on making forward progress every day. Entitlement will only cripple your efforts.

My Parents Live This Way So I Should Too

A lot of people think this, especially twenty-somethings. Many of us grew up in good homes, with nice cars, and regular vacations. We’re used to buying what we want at the grocery store and not thinking about how much going out to eat really costs. Then, we begin living on our own and start paying for stuff on our own. All of a sudden we realize how expensive the life that we grew up living really is.

I say “we” because I’m a twenty-something too. I’m speaking to myself here as much as I am to you. It’s easy to get used to living a certain way and it’s very hard to change that when you’re finally out on your own. But, like #1, this belief will also keep you poor if you don’t get rid of it.

The fact is that your parents didn’t get the life they have now easily. They didn’t always have good cars and nice vacations. My parents talk about how in their first few years of marriage they had hardly any money and lived in a much smaller house. It took a while before they were able to do what they can now. But many young people either forget this, or they haven’t ever thought about it, to begin with. If this is you, I encourage you to talk to your parents about what their life was like when they were in their twenties. I bet it looked very different than it does now.

If you want to be wealthy, you’ve got to get rid of this notion that you should be able to afford everything that your parents can. I know, consciously you know this. But subconsciously we think we should be able to afford that life. So what do you do when you think you deserve it? You put it on credit. You buy cars you can’t really afford. And you don’t save because there’s no room left in the budget for saving after you get all of the stuff you “deserve”.

If you want to be well off financially, you’ve got to tough it out for a little while and save some money. You’re going to have to give up some of the luxuries you had at home, and you’ve got to start making your own way. Don’t compare your life to your parents. You’re in a totally different spot and you need to focus on doing the best you can where you’re currently at.

“I’ve Worked Hard, I Should Get This”

This one is tough. Because there is some truth to it. If you work hard, you should get a fair wage. I wholeheartedly believe that. But the difficult part comes in 2 ways. Everyone’s definition of “hard work” and “fair wage” is different. Often times hard work doesn’t pay off immediately.

If you feel like you’re working your tail off and not seeing any reward, you probably need to first really examine yourself to see if you’re actually working all that hard. Then get some people you know and trust and ask them what they think of your work ethic. If you still feel like that’s not the problem, it’s probably time to ask your boss (or whatever you’re working hard towards) about what they think constitutes “good work”.

Unfortunately, everyone’s definition of hard work is different, but a good place to start would be to look at someone who has what you want. Find someone who has already achieved what you’re working towards. Then try and compare how hard you’re working to how hard they work. If you’re woefully behind, it’s probably time to kick it into gear. If you’re working hard but just feel like you’re not reaping any reward, you might just need to hang in there and stick it out a little longer. Your reward might be just around the corner.

If you take anything from this article, understand that you’re not entitled to success or wealth, and if you don’t achieve what you want, it’s no-one’s fault but your own. Every generation is a product of the generation before them, but that doesn’t give you an excuse. You can’t blame them for not achieving what you want. By thinking you deserve something or that it’s someone else’s fault, you’re just limiting your own possibilities. You’ve got to realize that you’re the only one who can do something about your situation. No one is going to give something to you or make it better. But if you think they will, you’ll never work. And if you never work, you’ll never achieve. You will stay poor. Poor in money, poor in health, and poor in relationships. Whatever area you feel entitled to, you’ll stay poor.

You’ve got to go out there and work for it.

You have the same 24 hours in a day that everyone else on the planet has. Lots of people break world records, create million dollar companies, travel the world, spend time with their family, and lose weight. You’ve got the exact same amount of time they do so, don’t blame anyone else for not getting what you want.

If you want something, chase it and work hard for it. But don’t think you’re entitled to success.

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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Friday, 24 May 2019 00:00

The old adage that success has a thousand fathers while failure is an orphan rings true today even as it did a hundred years ago when the phrase was first coined by Count Caleazzo Ciano. The “YES” advocates are really relishing the impressive victory of May 8. As for me, I am more relishing the aftermath that has effected unprecedented unity of purpose between the two main political parties.  Now many people feel extremely optimistic of a victory at the ICJ.

With this welcomed development of bipartisanship on this national issue in the House and Senate, the goading (or gloating) from UDP pundits should be suspended. So should the weeping and gnashing of teeth. It’s all over, Señor editor; the PM won’t dissolve the House nor will he call snap elections, so let’s turn that page and move on.

And as I move on, I don’t know what happened to my social media page this weekend but I received two unpleasant opinion pieces from PUP activists whom I have never befriended. I will not make claim like the attorney from OW East that I was hacked since all I have are hundreds of photographs from friends and family gorging on what seem to be delectable dishes. I truly do not care who accesses my page, but please don’t waste my time or yours posting foolishness in the hopes I will suddenly do the flip and follow you. Trust me, I am not swayed by angry individuals damning every policy undertaken by the party I sympathize with. I have learnt that disparaging an incumbent government is the easiest subject to write about; truly I have done my share in the past as I wrote volumes of critical opinions on everything the PUP did. If there was no singular topic in any given week, I always fell back on old faithful:  rampant corruption by Ministers and minions.

That said, I cannot, like other pundits, totally fault the PUP Leader for his Party’s crush on May 8.  He did his best, considering the way he was hauled and pulled against his own conviction. To his credit, his party’s position was what contributed to the admirable turnout on Referendum Day; solidifying the will of the people without any shadow of doubt and safeguarding  against any threat of  legal challenge to the results. I applaud his new stance to join in the battle for Belize against the bully to the West.

While I do not consider the results of the referendum a political litmus test, it can be used as a warning to some politicos presently holding office. A lady on Wave Radio called in and advised that some Ministers are not touching base with their constituents. Rise up, please! With that, let me congratulate my friend from OW East, Hon. Aragon. Many thought he was goosed, but hard work has given his team positive results, refreshed resolve, and new impetus. As to Caribbean Shores, not my area or my district, but I really wanted to see Mr.  Castillo have another go at this constituency, but I understand he is going to withdraw his name.  Pity! In any instance, I am excited with the caliber of candidates seeking to represent that division.

I’m a High Vibrating Ray of Sunshine Print E-mail
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Written by By Thamar Jones   
Friday, 24 May 2019 00:00

I often wonder: do other women experience the same range of emotion in a day that I do? If I let it, my moods can take me on a roller coaster ride all day with peaks of euphoric happiness and lows of really dark emotions. But I feel much better once I take control and transform my aura to one of light and happiness!

We’ve all have bad days, but with some conscious effort, you can avoid letting that black cloud grow and hover over you, and find your own positive energy.

Some people are naturally positive and upbeat. But some others have to work for it. I know that I often have to work at it. Luckily, it is possible to learn how to give off that positive energy. Positive energy is important because it is the fuel for making awesome things happen in your life plus it makes other people feel good to be around you. Positivity helps with many things in life.

Let’s take this example: if you think to yourself “I can’t do this”, you most certainly will not be able to. But if you think “Yes, I got this, I can do it!”, the final result will be much better! Positive thinking helps with reducing stress, health, relationships with others and yourself, your goals and accomplishments.

Some of my tips include the following: look for positivity in others; be more open and less judgy; live in the moment; enjoy and give compliments; create a gratitude list and keep adding to it; exercise, sing and practice saying positive affirmations to yourself.

Do not dwell on the negatives. Stuff happens. It’s how you respond that matters. If you choose to be victimized by what happens, your negative energy will gain momentum. Instead, stop thinking about it if there’s nothing you can do to improve it. When faced with negative thoughts, remember that you are in control of your mind and thoughts so steer your mind to think about something else. Stop that negative thought in its tracks and replace it with a positive one.

Do not talk about your problems any more than you absolutely have to. Don’t give it energy! Find the blessings and lessons in the situation. This may take some time, but if you stay busy looking for them, you won’t dwell on how something negatively impacted you.

Do not speak of your problems, diseases, illnesses or worries. The more energy you give what is wrong, the more it persists. Yes, we all need to vent once in a while but if you vent, or even when you’re just thinking about what’s wrong, here are some rules:

Don’t think or say: “I’m so sick, I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck! I don’t know how I’m going to get through the week!” Instead, say “I caught some bug but I’m taking good care of myself and I’m feeling better every day!”

Don’t think or say: “This job is terrible! My boss is a jerk and nobody appreciates me!” Do think or say: “I’m looking for a better job and meantime I’m trying to learn as much as I can so I benefit. In fact, my boss is the perfect example of how not to treat employees!”

Love and accept yourself as you are NOW. It’s easy to beat yourself up about what’s wrong, but how much energy do you give to your positive qualities? For every negative comment you make about yourself, give yourself FIVE compliments. Love and accept yourself!

Let go of the past. You can’t undo anything. It’s done. Forgive others, forgive yourself and learn from your mistakes, learn from others’ mistakes, remember that NO unkind or thoughtless action ever comes from love but from a place of deep inner pain (you can be compassionate to that pain without condoning the acting out of the pain) and release the energetic burden you carry: grudges, resentments, pain, hurt, disappointment, sadness, anger, guilt-let it all go.

Don’t give away your power or your happiness. Remember that when you criticize, judge or blame others, you are choosing to focus on what they’re doing wrong or what’s wrong with them – and you give these people the power to control your mood and state of mind. Ask yourself why somebody’s behavior irritates you so much that you allow yourself to get upset about it. Why let others’ behavior affect your mood? Why give them the power to control your happiness? Instead of criticizing, judging or blaming, find something you can complement them on.

Do not say yes when you mean no. Honor your needs, priorities, time and energy!  Save your precious time and energy for things that are meaningful to you, or in instances where others ask you to do something, make sure that it brings you satisfaction and joy. Otherwise, politely decline.

Laugh! Smile! Be grateful. Surround yourself with upbeat people who make you laugh. Appreciate the many blessings, but also appreciate the struggles and frustrations. How have you become enriched because of them?

Don’t worry. Use your imagination to visualize what can go right, instead of what can go wrong. Train yourself to visualize the best-case scenario.  Be solution-oriented, not problem-oriented. Think only about the ideal situation, not the current problematic situation.

Run it off. Exercise physically removes you from your problems, and it also removes you mentally. If you’re worried about something, you need to give your brain a chance to process things. Exercise will flood your system with feel-good endorphins, release stress and in the middle of a long bike ride, walk or swim… or in the middle of the climbing wall, you may suddenly have an epiphany. Or, at least for a while, you will be fully present and not worried about the future.

Be present. Speaking of being present, be interested in what you’re doing, no matter how “boring” or “mundane” it may be – quotes intended–because any activity can be made as interesting as you are willing to make it. This will keep you in the moment and will keep your mind off your troubles and worries.

You have the power to control your mood. Use these positive energy-boosting exercises every single day. Before long, you will be the high-vibrating ray of sunshine that brightens everyone’s mood!

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Written by By Wilfrido Novelo   
Friday, 24 May 2019 00:00

Since 1985, with  the coming of the 1ate Ambassador Fred Martinez to the mayorship of Orange Walk Town, the Mother’s Statue in the former Queen Elizabeth Park, now renamed Central Park, received special attention. Traditionally, every Mothers’ Day on the tenth of May, a Mass has been held at the park followed by a special program of entertainment for all mothers.

Every Mothers’ Day, the mother’s statue with baby in arms, got a treat with a new dress. Sometimes she even got a change in complexion from fair skin to tan. She has never had a dark complexion.  Not so this year. That was in the past. This year, Mayor Kevin Bernard and his six PUP councilors roughed up the mother and child. For the 2019, Mothers’ Day program, she had to do with last year’s regalia. No new dress, no treat for her and baby.

I just can’t believe that Mayor Kevin Bernard and his Council could not afford to buy a small can of paint to give the Mother’s Statue a new dress, as has been traditional. Perhaps, his council is broke or they are outright mean not to sacrifice a little change from their pockets to purchase the paint.

Mayor Kevin Bernard’s problem is his gross incompetence, mismanagement, squandermania and outright loss of financial resources. He can boast having the largest staff of highly paid executives of all City and Town Councils in Belize. The lion’s share of the town’s revenues goes to maintain these executives who “work” in air conditioned comfort, while he roughs up his street/sanitation workers who work without gloves, boots, rain gear or breather masks.

I know for a fact that the Orange Walk Town Council has been hemorrhaging financially during many years because of Mayor Kevin Bernard’s politricking, that the OWTC has been losing revenues that it is legally entitled to. I know for a fact, and I can mention names, that town council has been giving away FREE DRIVERS LICENSES to voters who can’t even drive a vehicle, thus putting peoples’ lives in danger. My question to the Mayor is this: who is paying for these drivers licenses? If there is someone paying, please show the receipts to the public. If not, then the council is involved in CORRUPTION.

Another area of Mayor Kevin Bernard’s incompetence is with the filling of potholes. He has been very creative in filling some potholes with broken tiles and even garbage. At the corner of Liberty Avenue/Ziricote Street, a pothole was filled with grass which had dirt with it, which means it was rooted out from the ground.

Mayor Kevin Bernard’s shenanigans may be a blessing in disguise for the people of Orange Walk, especially the residents of Orange Walk East whom he aspires to represent in the House of Representatives, If he can’t manage the affairs of Orange Walk Town, which is small compared to the Orange Walk East Constituency, which includes the villages of Chan Pine Ridge, Carmelita, Tower Hill and Santa Marta, Mayor Kevin Bernard is putting his hat too high, where he can’t reach to retrieve it.