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Thursday, 30 March 2017 00:00

On March 28, 2017, nine fishermen from various parts of the Corozal district pleaded guilty to possession of 1,162 undersized conch. Three of the nine were charged more than once for separate counts of the same charge. The charge was read before Magistrate Norman Rodriguez. He expressed how seriously he took the charges and fined the men.

On March 25, 2017, the Fisheries Department conducted an operation on the Lighthouse Reef . The Northern Fishermen Cooperative along with three vessels were searched by Fisheries Officers which led to the discovery of 1,162 undersized conchs. The fishermen charged are Eder Patt, Nagiel Baptist, Fidel Roberto Chulin, Hipolito Goroscia, Hilario Teck, Melvin Marquez, Roberto De La Cruz, Alvaro De La Cruz, and Jose Monzon.

The fines to be paid varied from person to person ranging from as low as $100 all the way to $4,540. All the men were required to pay at least $100 toward their fine before leaving the court. They were each able to pay their fine and given a deadline by which to pay the balance. If any of them are unable to pay the balance, he will be imprisoned.