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Thursday, 30 March 2017 00:00

Belize City Police in the Eastern Division North are trying to solve a very strange double murder which claimed the life of 59-year-old Nelson Noralez, and 34 year-old Byron Marshall. The community grieves for the death of Noralez, while the family and friends of Marshall can’t understand why this family man was killed.

The incident happened on Saturday morning, October 25, at around 2:30. Police and family members say that Noralez and Marshall were heading home from a poker game. Reports are that Noralez had won a small quantity of cash at his last game of the night, and so he and his good friend were heading home. Police didn’t give away any specific information of which of the two men was on the bike, but there are reports that they were double riding.

When both men arrived at the corner of the Matron Roberts and Kelly Street, some still unknown gunmen pulled up in a car and opened fire on the friends. They were both hit in the head with rounds from a 9mm pistol, and a high powered assault rifle. The two men fell dead beside each other on the street, the culprits sped off into the distance, making their escape.

The families of both men are stunned at their very violent deaths. Nelson Noralez was known for his kind fatherly presence toward his family members, and he used to be instrumental to the local pre-school in the neighbourhood of Pickstock. The teachers remember how he used to drop anything that he was doing at the moment just so that he could help the pre-school kids, with whom he was very friendly and familiar with.

The family of Byron Marshall are particularly blindsided by the incident because he was expected to have been in Pomona, Stann Creek for the weekend, where he lives. His family say that his primary focus was his wife and 2 kids, a son and a daughter. His wife told the press that she is trying to cope with his loss while trying to find a way to tell their very young daughter that she won’t get to see her dad again, because he died.

The community mourns the passing of these two men, who – from all appearances, were law abiding citizens.