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Thursday, 30 March 2017 00:00

cordel.jpg - 142.48 KbThe UDP government presented its 10 budget earlier this month and on Thursday and Friday, it was debated. While the PUP representatives expected that it would have been a budget that would have placed undue hardships on the Belizean people it was not as expected. While there is no boasting that all is good with the economy, there is some belt-tightening that is being done. But even as that takes place, government was careful not to cut into pro-poor programs or impose undue taxes on the people.

It was with that kind of background that we saw Said Musa rise in the house and catalogue the litany of failed projects under his administration that cost us and continue to cost us hundreds of millions of dollars. He triumphantly beat his chest claiming that the PUP built houses and the UDP wrote them off. Of course he did not mention that the houses had to be written off because those people who occupied the very few that were actually habitable refused to pay because they were sub-standard constructions which they simply lived in because they had to. The only thing the UDP could do was write them off instead of keeping them on the books as if somehow they would magically repair themselves and begin to turn a profit.

Then you had another representative, Cordel Hyde, whom we are sure is a great lyricist but an economist he is not. He stood up and proposed that government keep giving handouts of 10 and 20 dollars to constituents like he was accustomed to doing during his tenure in the 1998 - 2008 PUP era. In those days clinic tickets were thrown over from the verandah of the Ministry of Education building behind the Complex Building and those who came had to fight for a ticket to get 10 and 20 dollars. Cordel lambasted the government for the massive infrastructural work it has done across the country-”people can’t eat streets and roundabouts,” he exclaimed. He even criticized the government’s move to connect the Mile 8 communities on the George Price Highway with Ladyville on the Philip Goldson Highway. In his literary mind he could not connect the need for a good transportation system with economic development. In his mind he could only see poor people groveling at his feet for a mere 10 and 20 dollars. This is the PUP way.

And as representative after PUP representative moaned and cried over the budget, outside as many as a hundred residents of the Toledo district, East and West gathered outside the National Assembly building.  Some held up placards reminding Oscar Requena that ‘Angeles Bar is not a constituency office” while others told Mike Espat that they wanted him to open an office in the area. They are absent and the people of the South have noticed and will not longer take it.

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