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Thursday, 30 March 2017 00:00

On Wednesday, the witness that apparently everyone was waiting for to make an appearance before the Senate Special Select Committee, finally appeared. That witness was the now infamous Mr. Barton Middleton. While he showed up, initially it appeared that the only thing he was prepared to do was to present himself. He apparently has only a few words in his vocabulary. To most of the questions he was asked, his answer was either "no" or "I don't recall," both of which seemed interchangeable at times .There was also an occasional "yes" mixed in between. One of his more notable revelations was when he had gotten surgery for a tumor that was at the back of his head. Apparently according to the answers he gave the surgery appeared to have cost him to lose portions of his memory. The funny thing is that it seems the surgery had destroyed only the portions of his memory that dealt with visas and anything related to immigration. Apparently the surgery appeared to have made him forget things that happened after the surgery too.  

The Chairman and the other four senators present appeared to have been losing patience with Middleton. They mentioned that they felt that the picture Middleton was trying to paint was too far-fetched. They concluded that he was insinuating that all the previous witnesses who had called his name in their testimony, were lying about knowing him. To them that was too elaborate a scheme, for all of those witnesses to conspire and concoct the same story about him. The chairman informed Middleton what the penalty for perjury was. He even told Middleton that he did not believe, he Middleton, was being honest with his answers. Before they took their lunch break he told Middleton to take the time and consider carefully about the evidence he had given so far and to decide whether he wanted to retract anything he had testified to under oath so far.

Well after lunch the chairman repeated the advice he had given to Middleton and also refreshed Middleton's mind about the things he had testified to so far. As the questioning continued Middleton's evasive answers continued. Once again the senators all took turns to inform Middleton that they thought he was not being forthright with them. He was asked the question again about whether he had ever held Jamaican papers,  to that again his answer was no. One senator asked Middleton about whether he had ever been deported from the United States of America, to which his answer once again was no. That same senator asked him a question she had asked him about a business she thought he once ran in Boom, because she visits Boom regularly and thought she knew him from that business, again like in the morning his answer was no. Another senator asked Middleton why he appeared a bit flustered when the word Jamaica was mentioned. Middleton said, that was the senator's opinion, but he Middleton, was not flustered. It was at that point that senator Mark Lizarraga asked Middleton whether he had been threatened in order to prevent him from saying what he knows, his response to that was no.

However when asked if he was scared for his life, he said he was. The chairman asked why he was afraid since he said he was not threatened. His response was that ever since his name started being called, he noticed he was being followed by strange cars. He was then asked if that was why he was not being forthright with the answers to which he said yes. The chairman then asked him if he had ever made a police report about the things he was claiming to which he answered that it was mentioned to him that not even the police would be able to protect him. He said that made him scared because we in Belize have all heard of witnesses in certain cases being killed in order to silence them. There was where it appeared, the senators, after a short discussion among themselves decided that they would adjourn for the day. We are of the conclusion that they felt they could not get anything out of the witness. We suspect they decided to adjourn to regroup and seek legal advice on how to proceed. With this Wednesday's session now behind us, we are of the opinion that everything from lies, to deceit, to stealing, to romantic relations, to death threats, has been introduced into this stew presently being cooked. With that said we await the next serving of this Immigration Stew, to see what other ingredients will be added to this BUBBLING HOT CAULDRON.