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Thursday, 30 March 2017 00:00

After listening to the anger of Senator Valerie Woods-Smith, we are of the opinion that she is now the holder of the title Senator Bembe. To hear her shout at the top of her voice, is sort of Elitist or Yolanda Shakron like. We suspect that in her house she wears the pants and we don’t mean PINK TIGHTS. However in the Senate all members are of equal stature and should be treated as such. No member needs to be screaming at the top of their voice in order to be heard. As a matter of fact, it is outright disrespectful to the other Senators and to the offending Senator’s high office.

From the tone of her voice to the angry look on her face to the way she treated the President, to the smirk on her face as she was directed by the President on how senators should behave left a lot to be desired. We don’t know if her behavior is an attempt to try and portray herself as some sort of people’s champion who is getting ready to venture into electoral politics, as has been a part of the public discourse for some time now. We must warn her- that type of Water Lane or FISH MARKET POLITICS, is frowned upon by most Belizeans. The Belizean voters want their politicians to show proper decorum and be respectful of the office they seek to occupy or are occupying.

Speaking down to constituents and one’s colleagues is a thing of the past and has no place in our modern political system. Whenever she feels the need to shout at someone our suggestion to her is, to call her husband Pinky and shout at him. Perhaps he will welcome it. We certainly, won’t be bothered by her shouting at him. The other thing is, if her contributions to the debates in the Senate was anything other than plain old political rhetoric, we would have perhaps given her a pass. We now find ourselves almost missing Lisa, because she was not as noisy and her interventions made a little more sense too. Our suggestion is that Lisa, share a little bit of advice with Valerie on how to conduct herself in the Senate. On second thought we take that back, because that may cause some problems. So we say maybe the door has already closed on Valerie becoming a better debater.