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Friday, 07 April 2017 00:00

bntu.jpg - 69.21 KbIn October of last year, the teachers of the Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU) had staged 11 days of protest in their demand for the Government of Belize to adopt a list of good governance policies. As a result, the Minister of Education, Hon. Patrick Faber, had insisted that the teachers that failed to go to school get their salaries docked.

The matter ended up in the Supreme Court as a case between the BNTU and the Ministry of Education after the salaries were deducted. That however was never made to bear as the BNTU challenged the decision and having the court place and injunction on the deduction and teachers got their full salary. By February of this year as a result of mediation before the court case, the minister abandoned his position; the strikers still received their full pay despite being out of the classroom. In the interim while the matter was in court, a decision was taken between the ministry of education and school managements that lost time would be made up with 6 days extension to the school year. Those days were to be added after the Christmas holidays and before the Easter break. 

By the time the school year started most teachers did not return to school on January 3rd as had been planned to make up for the days lost. BNTU president Luke Palacio insisted that the matter was being handled unfairly by the ministry. He stated that the union was prepared to make up lost time but on its own terms. Still there were teachers that did show up to work both during the strike and after the Christmas holidays. In the space before a solution was arrived at, Minister Faber had said that there had to be some way by which those teachers who continued to work during the impasse should be compensated.

On Monday of this week Hon. Faber confirmed that the government has identified 1 million dollars which will be paid to those teachers who continued to work as normal. In an interview, the minister of Education, Youth Sports, and Culture explained that he understood that the teachers who worked could not be fully compensated. However the 1 million dollars has been set aside, on the approval of the Prime Minister, as a form of reimbursement to those teachers. Their hard work and commitment deserves some sort of reward and honorarium, he said.

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