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Friday, 07 April 2017 00:00

Two customers visited my little place on Sunday 2 April to cool off the heat with a couple of beers. One was a gentleman of over seventy, the other, his son in his early thirties. I know the older gentleman from the time I was a kid. His family lived on the street behind the cane farmers association building here in OW.  They, like mine, are brown –skinned Belizeans. I remember this family in particular since they tended to communicate mostly in Spanish in their homes. They also are easily angered and prefer their children to pair off with spouses who have “Brillo” instead of “steel wool” on their head top. His family was prominent in carrying the flag in front of the late Hon. George Price’s entourage when he would visit OW. So I knew the man was Blue to the bone. From way back.

It did not take long when the political opinions started to fly. First it was that the PM had sold out the Sarstoon to the Guats, then it was that Elrington was completely nuts to suggest that we were squatters.

These were the mild ones which I mention.

All this while I said nothing since am old enough now to appreciate that opinions are like buttocks’: everybody has one.  But the man’s next statement made me dive for my 81 mg chewable Bayer aspirin in my left pocket. He actually stated that Musa and Fonseca did an excellent job in their last term because they helped a lot of poor people.  You know, the worse thing of all this was that the younger gentleman was looking at his father with awed admiration as if how could one man possess so much knowledge. In fact, the man continued his anti-UDP diatribe by informing me that last year he had found a really good religion but abandoned his new faith because a member of the congregation had suggested he support the UDP.  To that I commented that if this was the new bar for religious faith then all the churches would empty quickly.

As I listened on to the man drone on and on I prayed that I would not age, if God spares my life, into an old fanatic like in front of me. I pray to be able to maintain an open mind in politics. I must state here that fanaticism is imbedded in both mass parties.  My old boss at my former place of work once encountered a Belize Times on the desk in the control room over the official log book. He ripped the Times in half and thrashed it. The PUP newspaper belonged to a certain die-hard PUP engineer who later exploded that the boss was an idiot.  Of course this got back to the boss who casually stated “he can call me anything but no call me PUP!” To this day, twenty years later, my friend Robert is still an unwavering UDP supporter, all the way from his job in South Africa.