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Friday, 07 April 2017 00:00

On Wednesday, April 5, the Belize City Council held a press briefing where a number of topics were addressed. Mayor Bradley opened the briefing by welcoming his fellow councillors, the Deputy Mayor Bernard Pitts, and all present including the taxi associations.

The conference had the purpose of tackling issues on transportation and business protocols. Bradley commented that the taxi associations were willing to cooperate and he said that the council was “teeming with economic and social opportunities” for city residents.

The items on the agenda were tackled by Deputy Mayor Bernard Pitts. First was the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the council and the taxi associations in the city. The memorandum, which will be legally binding, will create quality membership through the improvement of works and service delivery. According to Pitts, the members of the various associations have committed to paying a monthly fee. The council will be involved in the economic development of the associations, designating member areas, and developing logos and uniforms with the aid of Slingshot Advertising & Signs.

Mayor Bradley was most interested with the development of the Belize City App. According to Pitts, this municipality is the first in Belize to develop such an application and will be accessible to both iOS and Andriod platforms. The app, which is free, will bring together all registered businesses in the city and make their information accessible to app users. It will also feature tourist locations to make the city a more interactive and accessible location.

Some very new proposals with regards to services offered by the Traffic Department were briefly talked about. For instance, the reapplication of driving licenses and reregistration of vehicles can now be done online. There is also now the option to have driver’s license delivered to the applicant. Mayor Bradley commented that instead of having to do vehicle inspections at the present very small location and rather than incurring additional expenses to expand the building, the council and department have decided that onsite vehicle inspections will now be a possibility. The council is now introducing personalized license plates that will go for $500/pair. The introduction is in an effort to generate funds for Trade license reforms.