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Friday, 07 April 2017 00:00

On April 2, 2016, Edgar Aldana’s lifeless body was found by police in Selena Village, Cayo.

Edgar Alfonso Perdomo Aldana, a 63 year old, Guatemalan Laborer of Selena Village was found with multiple stab wounds which occurred after a drunken altercation. His body was found behind the Iguana Creek Government School. Investigations followed the incident but no one was charged.

On Monday, April 3 of this year, the Selena Village police have finally charged the person they believe is responsible for the murder. Marlon Padilla, a 23 year old man from the same village, was charged. According to police reports, Aldana was at his home drinking with a friend of his when two men came, Padilla and another man. One of the men pulled a machete on Aldana and his friend and they were both severely injuried, with Aldana succumbing to his injuries and bleeding out on the spot.

No further progress has been made in Padilla’s charge.