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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 00:00

Another pair of police officers are being accused of behaving like contrabandists. This time, the officers are from the Corozal District, and swift action has been taken against them.

The Customs Department reported that on Saturday, April 8, 2017, at around 2 p.m., officers were at the Northern Border Station, at the edge of Santa Elena, Corozal. That’s when a police vehicle, with two police officers, passed through the mandatory checkpoint, and refused to stop, so that they could be searched.

The customs officers chased after them, but the police pickup evaded them by diverting into a feeder road where a package was thrown out of the vehicle. The customs officers searched the area, and that’s when they found a black plastic bag, which matched the description of the bag that the officers spotted in the pan of the runaway police pickup.

When they searched it, they found an assortment of slippers socks and underwear, and handed that over along with surveillance footage of the police mobile refusing to stop.

Police launched an investigation on Constable 885 Elston Rojas, and Corporal 263 Abnor Marroquin who have since been charged with the disciplinary offence of prejudice to good order and discipline. They are placed on interdiction from duty until after their case is done.

The Police Department’s high command continue to maintain that no corruption, abuse of process, or unprofessionalism will be tolerated, and they have demonstrated this by charging 3 pairs of policemen in less than 2 weeks for questionable behaviour.

It is notable that on September 12 Elston Rojas was charged along with Rudolph Azueta also a policeman for abetment to commit robbery at the Corozal Free Zone.  At the time they were accused of assisting Emmerson Skyers to commit a robbery at North America International Limited store in the free zone on September 10, 2011.