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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 00:00

In December of last year the Belize City Council received an order from the Supreme Court to demolish the eastern portion of a building that sits at the corner of Allenby Street and Amara Avenue. The order came as a consequence of the departments of Health, Police and Fire as well as the City Council deeming the structure to be unsound. And unsound it is, the columns and beams literally disassemble upon them just being touched.

On Monday April 10, the Belize City Council moved on demolish the eastern portion of the building as per the court order, however there was resistance by the occupant of the structure forcing a stop to the project. Councilor Philip Willoughby, who is spearheading the move, had taken the position that the structure would come down on Monday but closer inspection by the council’s technical team including the city engineer and town planner it was determined that more than just the eastern portion of the building was unsafe. So a stop was put to the work and now the council is seeking that the courts declare that the entire building is unsafe.

For now, the building will not be demolished but this single instance is just one example of a bigger initiative by the Belize City Council which is now actively targeting unsafe structures. They along with the other departments including the fire, police and health departments are looking at unsafe structures and seeking to have them torn down. Councilor Willoughby says that along with unsafe structures, derelict vehicles as well as abandoned and overgrown yards will be targeted.

According to Willoughby, the council is trying to address these problems to reduce risks during times of disasters as they pose a threat to the safety of residents. It is also a concern for the police department as illicit activities also tend to happen inside these kinds of structures. Additionally the fire department has expressed concern over these buildings as they are a fire hazard.