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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 00:00

At every instance it has been proven that there is a game of one-upmanship between the PUP’s party leader and Julius Espat. On Monday of this week that was proven again as Espat did a longwinded interview with LOVE FM on just about every topic there is under the sun. He commented on issues relating to the economy to the teachers being paid and honorarium and the ICJ.

On the latter issue Espat was clear, he said that he does not support going to the ICJ and while he was unable to explain with any convincing rationale why he’s taken this position, what he was able to again clarify is that he is his own man. Basically he told the nation once again that he is not following Johnny Briceno. He made it clear that he has contradicted his leader on this issue before and will continue to do so.

We could almost see the curse word of dissention forming in his mouth as he was interviewed. It seems that no matter how much Johnny tries to reign in Espat, that simply will not happen. We know that there is deep resentment in Espat’s bosom after he was cast aside as a deputy party leader of the PUP in exchange for Cordel Hyde who was named first deputy even ahead of Espat and all other deputies who were duly elected by the PUP’s membership.