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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 00:00

On Monday April 10, Aaron Wilson was imposed two non-custodial fines of 00 each by Judge Lucas. Wilson, who was represented by attorney Christelle Wilson in court, was accused of impersonating a public officer in 2010.

In court, Lucas explained why the jurors only deliberated on two of the five charges against him and also explained their reason for a guilty verdict on the two charges of pretence of being a public officer rather than a special constable. Impersonating a public officer is a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

Lucas explained that while the charge would normally land Wilson in prison for 2 years, he is refraining from imprisoning Wilson.

The imposed fines saw a deduction of $250 each, totalling $3500. Wilson was grateful for the deduction but asked Lucas to allow him to pay $1000 and the balance at a later date. Wilson’s request was denied and he was ordered to pay $1750 immediately before he could go home, in default 9 months of imprisonment. He was ordered to pay the balance by June 9, 2017, in default another 9 months of imprisonment.

Before sentencing, Wilson told the court of his hardships since the case. He claims to have a hard time getting employed and becoming financially stable to care for his wife and child. Lucas warned Wilson to avoid media persons.