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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 00:00

Gabriel Zelaya, 38, a resident of Corozal Town, is hospitalized after being chopped by his father-in-law, 59 year-old Armando Cobb. The two men ended up in a violent confrontation after Zelaya and his wife, Cob’s daughter, allegedly had another marital quarrel. There are allegations of continued domestic abuse, and Cob told police that he is sick and tired of his son-in-law attacking his, Cobb’s, daughter.
Residents say that on Friday night, April 7 at around 9 o’clock, Zelaya and his wife had another fight, and she suffered injuries to the ribs and jaw. The couple has developed a reputation for fighting and then making up.

She was transported to the Corozal Community Hospital, and that’s where her father, Armando Cobb, spoke with her. Reports are that she told him that her husband, Gabriel Zelaya, was responsible for her injuries.

Cobb allegedly went looking for Zelaya, and a confrontation happened, where Zelaya allegedly denied hurting his wife, Cobb’s daughter. That quarrel ended when Cobb pulled a machete and chopped Zelaya to the back of the neck, and the right hand.

Zelaya, who is a well-known mechanic in Corozal, had to get medical treatment for his injuries at the Corozal Hospital, but he was later transported to the KHMH.

Police say that Cobb has spoken to them, explaining the chopping was because of continuous abuse by Zelaya on his wife. The couple has 4 children together.