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Written by Ed U. Kate   
Wednesday, 12 April 2017 00:00

In my opinion, Easter is the biggest event on the Christian calendar; Christ was victorious over death and we inherited the benefits!  That was the best of all treats!

Human beings do offer each other minuscule treats from time to time.  More often than not, we deceive each other, making promises that we absolutely have no intention of fulfilling.  In 1944 Robert Sidney Turton told his secretary: ”George, I want you to run in the city council elections.”  Many years later George Cadle Price told Godfrey P. Smith: ”I did it because I was told to do it. He told me to do it...”  Arawack declared that “… the character and destiny of a coming nation rests to a very great extent in the hands of its politicians and the result may be either progress or chaos.”  As a student of Belize History I have no problem declaring that after 67 years in politics (2011 – 1944 = 67) Price contributed more to chaos than to progress!  Fiend Fire!  A truth commission or truth and reconciliation commission is a commission tasked with discovering and revealing past wrongdoing by a leader or government, in the hope of resolving conflict left over from the past.  PUP desperately needs to go thru’ that process…

When I listen to the garbage in the PUP press – Times, Vibes, Krem, Amandala, Channel 5, PlusTV, Business Hour, etc… I am one hundred percent convinced that they need to start with truth and reconciliation… Responding to the 1944 order from Turton, Price entered electoral politics and his group called themselves the “Independent Ticket.”  Businessmen involved in the mahogany business, like Robert Turton, were accused of using their considerable influence to discourage the building of roads.  Price then could NOT be independent; he could NOT devote his efforts to the common good and the best interest of the community.  What was even worst, in my opinion, is the fact that Eddie Austin advised George about the importance of making contact with the General Workers’ Union; and introduced him to Henry Middleton, one of the union leaders.  History would prove that the unions were mis-used and abused...  History would also repeat itself!

So, in 2017 Krem ‘invented’ this bright idea to put Dodo Bird at the very top of the whutless, thiefing, lying  PUP: trick roots Belizeans, the unions, NGOs, business community, media colleagues and any other gullible group to build the ranks… to fight the PUP’s partisan political battle, again!  Cordel is PUP and Krem is Cordel – go figure!  The minute Luke, Keisha & Kathleen started taking baby daddy Mose to speak to each and every branch, I sounded the alarm!  Mose still does NOT know the meaning of the simple word ‘artificial.’  Today, Monday April 10, 2017, motor mouth Mose instructed his followers to “calibrate your own destiny.”  I, for one, would not be surprised if in his very next nonsensical rant, he commands his disciples to catch the wind and paint it blue and white!  What an idiot.
Reading the Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre had become a part of Price’s daily reading regimen.  The images of Guatemala’s development danced in his head!  He believed that if some form of a federation was to be pursued, it was best done with the Central American republics.  He thought that Guatemala was a great city, nothing compared to little British Honduras.  The practicality of his vision for a closer association with the Central American republics was brought into question in February 1948 with the threat of an invasion by Guatemala.  The H.M.S. Sheffield hastened back to British Honduras… Price played with fiend fire, the PUP encouraged it!

I started teaching in 1982.  Today I am totally shocked at the difficulty we still have with reading, writing and arithmetic.  Bishop Douglas J. Wilson, referring to 1938 British Honduras said:” … the percentage of illiteracy is very high in this pretty… piece of earth.”  On Saturday, December 31, 1949 Price addressed the People’s Committee, explaining that its objective would be to educate the People on the national issues of the day.  I used the word ‘disingenuous’ because from then until now, the PUP has focused on keeping secrets from the People on one hand, while on the other verbalizing untruths!  That is miseducation!  Their latest lie is about going to the ICJ.  After reading the material for myself, I am convinced that the best way to defeat the unfounded claim is at the ICJ.   I am convinced of a complete win!"

My parting questions to you this week are i) What has the PUP built that looks as pretty as the new civic center, the new Santa Elana bridge, the new sports stadiums?  Please remember the now tumbling independent houses, they started leaning before they were completed!  ii) When has Hero Goldson advised us wrongly?  NEVER!  Remember that in 1967 Goldson paid his way to the UN to scold Guatemala because that country refused to take on the British challenge to prove their claim at the ICJ.  It is impossible to prove a baseless claim!That is why I am convinced that the 1859 & 1931 treaties will prevail over Guatemala’s unfounded claim and that she will be compelled to accept and respect our borders!  Every Belizean is encouragedto research the issue for him or herself… The Min. of Foreign Affairs has all the material for you to pick up study, there are websites waiting for you! PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF!

I am pleased to declare that I have just read Smith’s book on George Price for a third time! I trust that you recognized that 50% of the material presented above came directly from his very good book – please read it for yourself; it is highly revealing…