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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 00:00

Last week we were treated to a Bunch of incongruent logic coming from Mr. Palacio, the leader of the trade union representing our nation’s educators. He is claiming that the teachers who did not go on strike are not entitled to an honorarium for attending classes during the PUP-orchestrated strike action, since, he claims, these teachers did not do any work because the students were absent from classes. As such, Palacio is recommending that the said faithful teachers refuse any such honorarium from GOB. Let’s examine Palacio’s fitful logic; the teachers who went on strike did not work, either, yet he fought to get them paid and they did. So what is Luke’s beef? He should be more concerned about the Chief Justice’s order to account for monies from the BTL shares set aside for deferred salary increases from retirees which he had no authority to access. Put back the money, Luke!!

Over the weekend we also saw the wolf’s clothing being removed from the Belize territorial volunteers. Same as the BNTU, they are shadow boxers for the People’s United Party. The press releases from the BTV, the BNTU, and the Chamber came from the same mental inclination.

Why would any organization not want a group of workers to receive extra money? Sour grapes? Luke is running out of topics to rail about and his addiction to the cameras kicked in last week.
Remember the battle cry “teachers got yu back?” this slogan was the PUP mantra for the municipal elections in Dangriga in 2006. Palacio is a well- known die hard Blue and so are the principals of the Chamber and the BTV.

On another point, I prefer to watch locally produced TV Programs during the week since the international press and the American media is  fixated on one man’s actions over and over, the same thing 24/7. Last night however I had to shift channels onto the Rachel Maddow Show, since Gabb, co-host of the Business Hour, was going off about how to surface streets. Jeez, he is now a civil engineer, having parked his prior qualifications as an international financial consultant and Wall Street hedge fund manager. I guess the $30Million hedge with Novelo’s and the $48M Intelco loans at DFC and SSB never paid off too Well and did little to boost his career or cement his credentials. Except at the PUP Chamber.

I want to shift gears a bit and offer a bit of advice to Belizeans planning to cross the border to spend the Easter holidays in Mexico.

The peso has strengthened to less than 8 to one. In addition, the fumigation cost to cross the Mexican border is now over $12 Belize dollars per vehicle. At less than 8/1 exchange things are very costly at the popular destinations in Quintana Roo. This also makes their fuel very expensive too. I think it’s better to stay in Belize and stimulate our local economy. Tourists are pouring into our country and we are pouring out!! Imagine!  Anyway, wherever you go be safe and enjoy your holidays. Always keep our Savior in your plans.