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Thursday, 20 April 2017 00:00

On April 13, 2017, councillor Phillip Willoughby explained that there was a plan to clear the heavily silted Yarborough canal. Progress was made by that date with one area of the canal being dammed so that engineers could clear out the water. The mouth of the Caribbean sea that connects to the Collet Canal was dammed so as to have better access to clear the canal of the built up silt.

Councillor Willoughby gave an update on the Yarbourough canal project in a later interview on April 19. According to Willoughby, the rains during the Easter were unforeseen and created another matter to be addressed. Despite the rains, the initial project is still ongoing and the removal of built-up silt in the canals will still be addressed.

After the Easter matter has been cleared up, the council still looks forward to contending with the initial issue. Reports on the project have been drafted with the aid of the Department of the Environment and the council will be getting figures together based on DOE estimates and quotations to continue the project.

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