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Thursday, 20 April 2017 00:00

The Illuminati, is the name given to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on 1May 1776. The goals were to oppose super situation, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power.

Don’t those words sound like what a union such as the BNTU should be all about ? However like the Illuminati has changed course over time so has the BNTU changed into now being a very secretive organization, working for special interest groups, like some sort of common mercenary. In the BNTU like the Illuminati, only the persons in a very small obscure group at the very top, know what is going on in the organization. Those are the very same persons who stand to benefit from the organization’s fortunes. To support our claims as to how the BNTU operates, we take readers back to last week Tuesday in connection with a call that was made to Wave Radio/Telesvision Morning Show, “Fus Ting Dah Mawnin”. That call was made by one Mr. George Frazer, the once formidable Union Firebrand. Now we say once formidable, because Mr. Fraze who for some strange reason has been dubbed as El Potro, is certainly no STALLION, he might not even be a Bamboo Horse at this time. That story however is for another essay. Now Bro. Fraze as we fondly call him, made that call to clear up certain issues he claimed one of the Co-hosts, Mr. Joe Bradley, was attributing to him. The issue was that Joe was reading some information Bro. Fraze had previously stated during a call to the talk show around the time of the strike of October 2016.

Joe reported that during that call Bro Fraze had reported that BNTU had some 4000 or so members. At the time Bro Fraze also shared the information, as to the different amounts, the members of the BNTU, namely teachers paid as dues, to the union base under which bracket their salaries placed them. He also disclosed how those monies were broken down, for the various usages of the union. Bro Fraze’s call back then was as a result of a discussion that was taking place on the show at that time as to what sort of money the BNTU should have in its Strike Fund. Well as mentioned earlier, Bro Fraze called back then and said all those things but tried to deny on Tuesday last week. As we all know Joe Bradley is not too tolerant when it comes to people making statements and turning around and denying (lie), making those statements. So things got a little tense between these two senior gentlemen. The other Co-host, who is the Editor of this newspaper, Mr. Alfonso Noble had to intervene. Fonso in a very calm and skilled use of his journalistic experience, got Bro Fraze to admit to everything Joe had attributed to him saying and he Bro Fraze had at the inception of the call tried to deny saying.

Not only did Bro Fraze validated Joe’s pronouncements but he revealed even more startling information about the inner workings of the BNTU, the organization of which, he was General Secretary for many, many years and is some sort of advisor of presently. He disclosed the scandalous information that the quorum for a National Congress was 225 members. That breakdown is 200 from the General Membership and 25 members of the Council of Management. Doing a quick calculation, one would see that works out to just above 0.5 % (half of a percentage point) of the BNTU’s members. Those numbers are just a shade under the actual amount of members who attend and vote at these Congresses. How can the Executive really claim that they speak for the majority of their members with  those sort of numbers?  If it were the government that got elected by a turnout of even 60% of the electorate the BNTU Leadership would be one of the first to be calling the government an illegitimate government. So how come they are not calling themselves an illegitimate executive?

Bro Fraze’s revelations did not stop there, because Fonso asked him how could a journalist get a copy of the BNTU’s Constitution. Well Bro Fraze told him at the office. Fonso’s response was that he had already tried to do that and was not able to get one. So Fonso asked if a member of the union would be able to get one from the BNTU Office for him. That was where Bro Frazer’s response, almost knocked us off our seat, when he told Fonso, “they could go and try their luck.” Now what type of organization, are they running where members’ request for a copy of the very document, that governs their union, is based on luck?  Is the BNTU like the Illuminati where the members are dictated to and information is only shared with them on a NEED TO KNOW BASIS?  We at this desk know the difficulty we’ve had in trying to get a copy of that Constitution, for over 4 years. Is the BNTU’s Constitution a STATE SECRET, being hidden away from even it’s own members?  If so is it being held in a vault somewhere in Fort Knox?  Or better yet does the BNTU even have a Constitution?  If the answer to the latter is yes and there is someone out there who has a copy, could you please bring it to our office so that, we can quickly photocopy it and give it back to them. They can stand over us while we copy it to make sure we don’t steal anything from it. Better yet they could use our Photocopier and copy it themselves. All we want is a copy so we can read it to better understand how the union should operate.