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Thursday, 20 April 2017 00:00

So the Payaso is now on the news threatening those teachers who do not travel to the BNTU election venue on the buses provided for the different branches. He is telling them that they will not be allowed to vote at the BNTU election on Thursday the 20th April. Well apparently the teachers are telling Luke that April Fools’ Day does not extend to the whole month. Reports are that the majority of teachers have refused to get on the bus which will be provided for only the usual quorum of 400 and are refusing to take any more of the Payaso’s nonsense.

In the past only a mere 5 percent of the membership used to decide the fate of the BNTU and the rest of the membership were just fed whatever the executive decided to give them. Well enough is enough and the general membership of the BNTU have now decided that their voices will be heard at the election. They have decided to travel up to Escuela Secundaria Mexico in the Corozal District, in most cases using their personal means of transportation.

The Payaso thought that as per usual he would be able to manipulate the outcome of this election and has received the news of his life when he learned that a large percentage of the membership will participate in this election. He then immediately scrambled to the media houses to make his pointless threats. If he were to go on Facebook he will get the sense that the teachers are coming in their own transport and they WILL vote.