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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 20 April 2017 00:00

The nation of Belize owes KREM and Bro. Nuri Mohammad a big “Thank You!”  Every Sunday night Sedi was on KREM radio and TV explaining vital national issues to the People.  He used the correct legal, geographical and technical jargon; yet the perverse tried destroying him.  All they got for their effort was dirt on their noses.  They had deprived the Belizean People of the very information that they now hypocritically claim voters need so desperately! They do not give up, interminable!  This time when he used an analogy that was crystal clear to “roots Belizeans;” they again got their undies all soiled.  The perverse will always find fault; whatever!   Nuri pulled out all the stops, but Sedi was as patient as Job and corrected him each and every time.  Pressuring, badgering, leading questions and unreasonable suggestions were all soundly rejected!  When the brain of KREM called, she was likewise easily corrected.  Sedi even had the very book with charts and maps displaying the continuing decrease in size of Palestine (and complementary increase in size of Israel).  There really is no good reason why the so-called journalists at KREM are so clueless on the history of Belize. Are they stupid, lazy, perverse or just nefarious? Nuri was misguided to recommend “African and Mayan history” to SJCJC.  The unfounded Guatemalan claim is much more important than even the Cross Country Race.  The baseless claim demands that we all become ‘experts’ in Belize History!   Please visit the website and study the historical facts for yourself; prepare to defeat the unfounded claim.

Adele Ramos wrote:”…he did not say by whom…”  That was in direct reference to a reading on the air, by Sedi from the book DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE by Jose Miguel Insulza.  Sedi had actually held up the book for the cameras!  Why did she write foolishness on such an important issue? Readers and voters demand much more than ‘ink on paper;’ we must get truthful and useful information.  When the NIP opposed Price, it was because he had received money from Guatemala to cement a political association. Contact was proven!  Sedi’s work is focused on getting the ICJ to use the treaties of 1859 and 1931 to destroy the unfounded claim.  Nuri is extremely wrong to get diametrically opposed motives confused; we will never sit back and allow anyone to lie about our history!  UDP is very different from PUP.

It seems that in every PUP newspaper that I open, a not-so-smart, treacherous PUP has devised a plan requiring that the”…unions, business, churches – and the Opposition should collaborate…”  Has Eamon H. Courtenay already forgotten the KREM/Luke/BNTU partisan political play of last October that failed to bring down our good UDP government?  Leave the unions, business, churches… out of partisan politics. Why are they so desperate to put Ralph and Said in charge of the Belizean Treasury again?  Belizeans have had absolutely enough of Big, Bad, Blue, Wuthliss Thieves…