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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 20 April 2017 00:00

When political topics become scarce for me the temptation rouses deep within to fall back on old dependable: the ten bitter years of PUP governance under the Musa/ Fonseca administration. Now talk about radioactive names. I mean there are so many corrupt acts perpetuated under the so-called communist Said. It was all a conto sway the poor. Remember the battle phrase, “los pobres somos mas?” the brainchild of yet another communistic evangelist gone wild when he saw money and land. Trust me, Easy pickings for me to write about.

But a friend of mine advised me that said strategy was no way to win an election. An incumbent political Party must be able to campaign on its own merits, not on the fallings of its predecessor.

As I said, it would be comfortable for me to pick a few topics from the Musa era and throw punches, but my buddy says that at this stage we better focus on what the UDP has done for the development of our country.

Let’s say the UDP hollers at the Briceños, Marins, and B. Lindo as land grabbers, the PUP will point to the Vegas. If the PUP starts to run off about immigration the UDP will pay tribute to Samuels, Musa and Valdemar Castillo from Corozal. This will go back and forth until we reach Independence Day in 1981, says my friend. I have to agree with him, and since all politics is local let us look at development in OWT While we wait for March 7, 2018. First item to underscore is the paving of the superhighway from OW Town to Blue Creek.

Then we turn the yardstick to the main highway from “Come and Go” gas station to the roundabout at the other exit from our town. Third comes is yet another critical road from the NR hospital to Bishop Martin high school, this road better known as the San Lorenzo road, now called the  Nacho Vega Road. Of course the famous San Antonio Road got super paved too and now needs sleeping policemen due to its ultra-smooth surface.

These infrastructural projects complement other developmental goals like the new school in San Luis which was recently started. Plus the new high school Planned for Carmelita.  And so much more in sporting facilities carried out by Hon. Elodio Aragon Jr.

Look, no one can soberly deny that this government has done a lot for our country: development has touched our nation from the Rio Hondo to the Sarstoon.

If the PUP wants to look like the better alternative, its leadership has to get serious and clean house. The bench players which Espat referred to have to step up and outshine the old tired horses that the people have gotten tired of seeing and hearing. These old husks are only focused on hustling and personal wealth amplification. Let them take a back bench now; never to reenter the field again as if they got red-carded by the voters.