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Thursday, 27 April 2017 00:00

Once again, as has become the norm, ever since the PUP has been in opposition, there is another accusation coming from them. This time it is coming from the defeated PUP Candidate for Cayo North in the last General Election, Attorney at Law Michel Chebat. He is apparently trying to throw shade over the fact that the present San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Board has sold the former Town Hall property and has now embarked on building a new modern Municipal Building ,to house the headquarters and from which to transact its operations. He has taken to both Social and Main stream Media, to launch his attach on the Town Council.

Chebat claims that he is very concerned that there has been no disclosure as to who purchased the property and how much it was sold for, because it was a PUBLIC PROPERTY and it was PUBLIC MONEY that came from it’s sale, so he thought the public had a right to see some accounting and disclosure of exactly what was being done with those funds and so forth. He made the following claims that,  “We know that the building was actually built with the Baron Bliss Trust Fund, what we don’t know if the board of directors or trustees of the fund had even given permission for the building to be sold, those matters we are still investigating. In terms of the contract similarly there had been no public disclosure as to who the contract was given to, we are not aware that there was, any public bidding carried out to select a contractor and so that is another concern for us. We would like to know who got the contract to build and what cost of the new building that will be constructed. That building has been there since I was a child and certainly it is a landmark in the town, it’s one of the major sights in town. One of the things we had hoped would become of the building, was we were Hoping it would have been transformed into a museum.”

Other concerns he had for MAYOR EARL TRAPP were, where the funds we’re coming from and if it was true that Roly Montero the brother of Minister Rene Montero was awarded the contract for the new construction.

It is obvious that even though Chebat boast of his Santa Elena/ San Ignacio ROOTS, he is not in tune with what is going on in the twin towns of San Elena/San Ignacio. Perhaps the reason he is so uninformed is, because he does not live there anymore and has stayed away too long. We at this newspaper don’t live in Santa Elena / San Ignacio either, but we knew where to look and who to ask questions, in order to get the answers and become informed. First we went to the Facebook page for the twin towns and found two important public notices .The first was dated 4 March, 2016, it was a notice informing the RESIDENTS, THE NATION AND THE WORLD that, the Town Hall had been declared unsafe , It also set out the steps that the Town Council was about  to take in regards to that situation. Below is a copy of the notices

notice 1: NOTICE 4/3/16

notice 2: NOTICE 11/3/16

Next thing we found out was that the Town Council was being offered a sum of $550,000 for the Former Town Hall. The offer was in the form of a winning  bid from the Atlantic Bank Ltd. Mayor Earl Trapp said, they intended to use those funds to complement a loan which they would then use to construct a Modern Municipal Building, at the site of the old abandoned former San Ignacio Hospital.

The new building he said would host all the offices for the town council. The building would also earn some funds for the town upon completion, as the Municipal Court would be located upstairs of the building and they intend to rent space to GST and Human Development who are in need of office space. Mayor Trapp said, they weren’t sure as yet but they may also have some space for the Post Office. Total cost for the design and construction of the new building is $1.7 million. That contract was awarded to J and J Construction with the lead Contractor being Mr Enrique Rosado. The completion date for the building is August of this year with the intent to occupy the building by Mid September in time for this year’s Independence celebrations. Construction is well under way and on schedule. Another thing that has been cleared up for us is that, the former Town Hall building, was not built from the Bliss Trust Fund. The building that was built from the Bliss Trust Fund is the OLD MARKET that is now the LIBRARY in San Ignacio beside the RIVER. As usual once again the PUP Town criers got it all wrong.

The Mayor and his council did not do anything in secret. Readers may wish to go online to check out an article, written in this very newspaper back on 24 November, 2016. That article carried the title  “A New town hall for San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council.”  In that article, we went into details to explain the reasons for the actions of the Town Council. We also detailed those actions step by step. Nothing was done in secret. It is easy to understand why those PUP Town criers are jumpy at this time. This is election season for the municipalities and once again they see another loss at the polls. So they will do and say anything, to try and derail the UDP train. Perhaps they would have preferred to have seen that dilapidated Town Hall Building crumble on top of the staff and residents of the twin towns, then they would have been able to blame the UDP for the deaths and injuries to those unfortunate persons who the building would have crushed. In the UDP we have caring leaders who put the people first and no PUP sideshow is going to stop that.