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Thursday, 27 April 2017 00:00

In the weeks, leading up to last week’s BNTU Elections, the People’s United Party and their operatives inside the BNTU Executive accused the UDP and by extension the Government of interfering in that election. Their claim was that the government wanted to infiltrate the Executive of the BNTU in an effort to scuttle the union’s activities. Nothing could have been further from the truth. We had no horse in that race, because we did not see the election as a partisan matter where we had to field or support any candidate(s). Whomever the persons elected were and would form the next Executive of the BNTU, they would at times be at odds with the government, because that has and will always be the way things operate between management and the union representing staff. Unions are duty bound to look after the interest of the staff side, while on the other side management will be the ones who the union would, expect to satisfy the grievances of the staff side.

As usual it is the tactic of the PUP to play the BLAME GAME or CRY WOLF in order to throw suspicion from themselves. When all the time it’s they who are the guilty ones in whatever they accuse others of. The issue of the BNTU Election was no different. They cried wolf when all the while, it was they who had a few horses in the elections. We had suspected it, but had no proof to confirm our suspicions, but we knew if we waited long enough they would show their ugly hands. See these PUP operatives like the cameras and the spotlight, so they will always be caught red handed. Low and behold on the Friday Evening Channel 7 News, we saw two of the top members of the PUP Secretariat. First to be seen was the very handsome fellow Mr Collet Montejo the Assistant Secretary General of the PUP. He was not alone, because his boss Mr Linsford Castillo, the PUP Secretary General, was there too. They were apparently working the crowd in what appears to be shameless campaigning. If one did not know better, one would have thought it was a PUP convention. The PUP cannot get away from this one because it was not that it was just some regular supporters of the PUP who were caught on camera- it was the brain trust of the PUP Secretariat getting caught. These two men are responsible for the day to day activities of the PUP. They are like the CEO and the Assistant CEO of a company.

We are not saying that there were no UDP supporters who were perhaps at the convention and would have preferred to have seen another candidate win. Perhaps they even campaigned, for that candidate of their choice at the convention. However there was a clear difference between that and what the PUP did. In the PUP case it appears from the rank of those present on the convention grounds, it was an effort sanctioned by the LEADERSHIP OF THE PUP. There were no members of the UDP who held any such rank at that convention. We know that there are many members of the UDP who are teachers and are members of the BNTU. Some of whom even hold elected offices, such as councilors of MUNICIPAL BODIES and Village Councils. Those persons had a right to be at that convention. They also had the right to campaign and vote for who they wished, even if them doing so was based on political reasons. We are sure that, in an attempt to try and deflect their guilt and place the UDP in the same bracket as them, the PUP will point to those persons being at the convention.

Another thing was that the eventual winner of the PRESIDENCY of BNTU, Senator Elena Smith, appears to have been well financed. That was a surprise to us because just before the convention she said that she did not have money to spend on trying to get elected. However on the election day her supporters were all decked out, in white high glazed, color printed T-shirts, with her picture on them. Also as a part of her campaign paraphernalia, she had flyers that were in high glazed color printed paper and contained pictures of her also. Her two opponents did not appear to have come in to that type of loot. They had no T-shirts and the few flyers they had, were plain words printed in black ink, on white typing sheets. Some special interest spent a lot of money to get Senator Smith elected and we know for sure that whomever the special interest was expects to benefit from having her there in that seat.  We don’t know if such benefits would include expecting that she as the President would be there to do their bidding like Luke Palacio the outgoing President did for the PUP. We at this newspaper will be keeping an eye on the actions of the BNTU’s leadership over the next two years. Finally we need to remind the PUP that when we enter an election with a candidate or we support a candidate in an election, it is all hands onboard, we do so to win and end up winning at the end of the day.