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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 27 April 2017 14:03

Look at this news lead on Channel Fox:

“Elena is B.N.T.U.’s leader after dramatic day in Corozal

The Council of Management had just met in emergency session to deal with the backdrop of accusations of political interference in the coming vote. On site in San Roman were alleged operatives for two powerful Ministers of Government. But Palacio stated that the Union was satisfied that none of the candidates were involved in underhanded dealings in a bid to one of the most powerful positions in all of unionism”.

What kind of silliness are Palacio peddling even unto his last day as president of the PUP national teachers union (PNTU)? While the union’s executive never did mention the United Democratic Party by name- the inference to Ministers of government was clear-one can easily discern which political Party they are pointing at. Seriously, the public has been hearing of this silly interference issue ever since the text surfaced about support for Elena Smith coming attached with a free trip to Chetumal and easy entrance into the CFZ.  From what I understand from connected Party sources, the UDP has no interest in who the president of the PNTU is. First they accused the UDP of paying busses to take UDP teachers to vote against Smith.  What a drawer full of crockeries! Who would waste time and money on such strategy? To gain what? Let’s face it: The PNTU is like the Crown of Thorns Starfish: even if you dice it into small pieces, each branch will grow back to a full-sized PUP thorn.

As we look at the resolutions which the PNTU attempted to slip by the membership, one marvels at the greed and unaccountability of the previous Palacio administration. Imagine not being able to explain away how the strike fund was depleted but coming back for more dues! And crying about the lots of so- called humongous “sacrifices” made by union officials which a little monthly stipend for officials would greatly assuage. The only ones who want to “bust” the union are the irresponsible spindrifts at the helm of the organization. Everybody wants to hustle off worker’s sweat in the name of “teachers got you back! Stab up, probably!

The worrisome spinoff from the PNTU’s and FOX’S silly dramatization of the teachers’ convention is that there are actually some dodo birds out here who actually believe such drivel. I apologize in advance if I have offended some of the more open –minded educators but its time they step up and not allow a few fanatics to  attack the UDP on their behalf especially to support a Party which has  the singular thieving intention for wanting to get back in government.

In closing let us look at another influential union: the PSU. Have you noticed they rarely say anything against GOB?    Is it because they know exactly what the PUP did in their last ten years of governance? And in this respect even as their president is a die- hard Johnny Briceño supporter. But the membership of the PSU will not allow the tail to wag the dog. They voted against hasty action and refused to kowtow behind the PNTU. Good thinking brothers and sisters.  May you continue on this path of independent  and professional reasoning.

I hope you had a pleasant Easter vacation. I know I did. Take care fellow Belizeans.