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Thursday, 04 May 2017 00:00

Chairman of BTL’s Board of directors, Nestor Vasquez on Wednesday May 3 formally introduced the new Chief Executive Officer for the company. In doing so, Vasquez said that it was an, “exciting time for BTL as we continue on our journey towards ‘destination greatness’”.

According to Vasquez, Rochus Schreiber was selected after an open recruitment process in Belize, the Caribbean, Europe and beyond. He stated that BTL’s board got applications from as far as Australia and Sri Lanka. In the end Schreiber was selected and Vasquez added that he was pleased to say that BTL has facilitated the transition in leadership in a transparent and competitive manner as any other telecom operator anywhere in the world. Schreiber, said Vasquez, joins the company at a critical time during which it is undergoing a transformation of technical infrastructure and commercial operations. He added that at the moment the company is putting in place a foundation to deliver world class mobile telephony and broadband services. The success of BTL will translate into success of our country both economically and socially stated Vasquez.

Schreiber said that he has been in the country since April 5 and has been in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. He’s worked all over the world from the U.S. to Russia, from Norway to Southern Europe. He holds a Master’s degree in Physics and a masters degree from a top university in the U.S. he is married and has one daughter. Both his wife and child live in the UK.

Speaking about his plans for the company, the new CEO said that he was looking to close the digital divide between Belizeans as well as Belizeans and the rest of the world. He said he is focused on the objective they have ahead which includes building on the momentum that has already been achieved by previous CEO Anwar Barrow and continue and speed up that momentum to transform BTL’s platform to a fully digital infrastructure. Also a priority will be improving on customer touch points and customer experience across the entire business from shops to customer care as well as fixing issues customers face. In order for this to be achieved he said that BTL will be developing the skills of the entire BTL team; ensuring that they have the skills and tools to do their job and do it right the first time. Internally Schreiber said that he will be touring the entire country to meet employees and to get a first hand look at BTL’s service delivery to customers.

From a technical standpoint in coming months BTL will roll out its fiber optic network in San Pedro and parts of Belize City to bring speeds in excess of 100mbs to customers. Already a submarine fiber optic connection has been made with the island. Following hook ups to customers in that municipality and in Belize City, the program will be rolled out to the rest of the country which the CEO said will be done in a cost effective manner translating to lower rates. For the cellular infrastructure, the company has already launched 11 new sites in the first quarter and will continue by adding 17 more and has budgeted for another 50 sites to bring coverage to every area where there are customers in Belize.

While Schreiber spoke on BTL’s plan as a company moving forward he also spoke on the relationship between management and the union. A few days ago there was a walk out by employees at the St. Thomas Street offices as the Belize Communications Workers Union were not pleased in the way negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement was going. At the time they were specifically upset that information was not free flowing. During his press conference Schreiber said that they continue to consult with the BCWU and there is positive collaboration between the management and union. He said that the matters have been resolved as they meet on a weekly basis and the reasons for the walk out have been addressed through a productive and friendly open communication.

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