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Thursday, 04 May 2017 00:00

On Tuesday of this week the Port Loyola Loan Shark, Gilroy Lord aka Gilroy Usher Sr. called the Love FM morning show. Apparently the reason for his calling was to badmouth and complain about the type of homes Anthony Boots Martinez and the government have been building and giving out to poor Belizeans. Now these houses as far as we know are given to the recipients free of cost and it is the taxpayers who pay for these houses. The Loan Shark’s gripe is that the houses are small and have plycem exterior walls and floors. He said that the walls don’t hold up to the rains and sun. He spoke of houses that were built less than eight years ago as having fallen apart. Usher went as far as to speak of a family that he claimed, had to be issued two houses in the same eight year period because the first one had already deteriorated into a state of disrepair. We don’t know what scientific information he has for him to categorically state that plycem is an inferior construction material. We suspect his reason for saying so, is to attack the man who beat him twice in Port Loyola, Minister Anthony Boots Martinez’s efforts in building modest affordable homes for those poor people who are the recipients of these houses. Usher mentioned Port Loyola in particular, so there is no confusion as to who his target is.

The two hosts of the show pointed out to him that for government to develop a long term approach to provide houses for the poor of this nation, it would take plenty MONEY and those monies have to come from somewhere. That somewhere has to mean TAXPAYERS. They also explained that the recipients of those houses, have a responsibility to upkeep, maintain and develop those houses that they have been gifted at a great cost to taxpayers. We at this newspaper share that same sentiment; we also know that those houses are starter houses that give the recipients a head start in their lives and something to build on. Many of the persons who receive these houses were living in subhuman conditions open to the elements, the rats, roaches and at times even snakes. There are many persons in this country and around the world who live and or own Plycem houses for many years. Plycem construction is not new to Belize. Back when the Belize Junior Secondary # 2, the Gwen Liz High school, was first constructed around 1972 a more inferior type of plycem was used along with concrete beams, columns and floors. Those first two building are still there.

One frequent caller to the talk show, called and stated that back when the UDP government and Hubert Elrington brought in mobile homes to alleviate the housing problems, there was much hue and cry about those mobile houses. Some persons called them shipping containers, firetraps, sardine cans and said they were of inferior quality that would not last. The caller proudly boast that, he was the recipient of one of those mobile houses and he still lives in that house some twenty years later at the same location on Vernon Street .He said that the only thing, that had to be changed were windows that broke. That caller also proudly boast that the same stove and refrigerator that came along with the mobile house are what he presently uses because he has taken care of the house he received as a gift some twenty years ago. It is obvious that the caller is suggesting that those houses, if taken care of, will last a long time. The caller also had some words of advice for the LOANSHARK. That advice was that if the loan shark really cared about poor people, he could start by not confiscating poor people’s vehicles. He also suggested that rather than trying to sell those vehicles, he already confiscated, he should give them back to their poor owners, so that those persons can get their lives back in order. That way, rather than allowing the vehicles to just rot away because he is not able to sell them, they can be put to use.


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