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Thursday, 04 May 2017 00:00

A full day event to enhance the talents in the arts was held on Saturday of this past weekend at the Cayo Welcome Center in San Ignacio Town. Now being held for the seventh year, Paint Up a Storm is organized by Canadian Dr. Winsom Winsom and involves paint brushes, multicolored paint and a variety of arts and craft materials.

Volunteers from the local banks turned up to change the paint brushes and add additional paint when required by children doing their art work. This year the various wooden platforms for painting was donated by Juan Chuc.

The outstanding art work produced by the participants of Paint Up a Storm required much effort and team work. Artists were hosted by Cahal Pech and the lunches were provided by Guava Limb.

Nurse Marlene Sanker and Dr. Winsom Winsom had been up and about until 1:00 pm on Friday preparing materials for Saturday’s event.

We have always wondered on where Dr. Winsom Winsom got her passion for the arts. In her two part series, Dr. Winsom describes how her early upbringing made a mark on her artistic life to this day.

“When not in school I would roam the land sketching, painting, talking to the animals …asking plants about themselves and what can they heal…. At age seven plus my aunt came to visit from New York and I set up my first display of my art on the porch… Aunt Lily wandered looking at the paintings... Making a few comments here and there and on her second round she said she would like to buy a particular one … How much was it… It was a eight and a-half by eleven inches seascape with the sun setting over the water and lots of rocks in the foreground and around four fronds of a palm tree showing with half a coconut…. I was amazed that she wanted a piece of my art so I told her she could have it…her reply shocked my seven year going on one hundred mind…she said my art was my energy and soul plus my dad had to buy me the paint and papers , so it was time for me to start buying my own art materials and to remember giving of my soul and energy is giving a big piece of who I AM ….I had no idea and so I quickly said twenty dollars for, to me, that was big money to match my Energy and Soul ..My aunt gave me twenty USA Dollars... This was the first sale and lesson of many more to come before I reached the age of eight …”

Dr. Winsom continued, “I was going to be an artist ….I started crushing berries, leaves and whatever would give me color to draw and paint on scraps of paper. I was using mostly brown paper bags from when my parents bought groceries…I became frustrated because the colors always faded to a dull shade of what I had imagined…. My father realizing that I was not going to bend to any rules decided on a plan…. If I stopped complaining about going to school he would get me a real paint set and some paper…The deal was struck and one Saturday my dad came home with the biggest paint set I had ever seen and a pad of white rough paper… I complained about it being rough and he said I thought you knew everything…this is what real artist use…to this day I love water colour paper and even though I do not paint with water colours I keep a pad next to my work space and every so often slide my hand over a sheet which brings flooding memories of my dad……”