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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 04 May 2017 00:00

In an effort to improve grammar, comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills;the Belize Book Industry Association along with the National Institute for Culture and History and the Institute for Social and Cultural Research (ISCR) will launch Book Week.  I am extremely overjoyed by that bit of news and I support the effort completely.  I have been a teacher since 1982 and I am shocked by the very large number of individuals that have problems with reading and writing.  Recently the Editor(Amandala) wrote:” It is the whole community which has seen our quality of life reduced…”  I wish that he had evaluated the role of parents, family, neighbors, school and community, with specific emphasis on behavior, customs, discipline, opportunities… The nine months than a fetus spends in the womb, the first five years of a child’s life at home, the next eight at primary school and the next four  at a high school, amounts to about eighteen years for molding, training and practice.  Serious breaks in the developmental chain can very well lead to tragedy.  It is therefore the job of the whole society to educate the individual.  Yes! There are major distractors along the way.  The Editor also wrote:” There are elements of International white supremacy who do not consider our Belize City youth to be human beings.”  I agree that that is a fact, but it is also a fact that we were walking this earth as humans long before they came on the scene and precisely because we are humans we can continue to defeat racism!  We are hard-wired to defeat the obstacles that they throw at us!  Arming ourselves with reading and writing skills is one of the tools!

The Minister of Education has very good reason to be disappointed because some entities in the community have indeed failed us.  I try to read every article from the likes of Wil, Adele, Roland, Major Disaster Jones… because for some insane  reason they insist on putting on paper the most poorly thought out positions; I keep an eye on their willful perversion.  Adele seems obsessed with Sedi and Guatemala – she writes multiple articles, all of them way off the mark.  In the very same way that the properly used phrase “artificial border” gave Mose and his followers no end of trouble, eventually destroying KREM’S credibility; the issue over “border recognition” is giving them nightmares.  They absolutely refuse to read and study, but they want to pass themselves off as experts.  They are insufferably ignorant.  Let me try to make it clear for them:  it is about Guatemala RECOGNIZING our land, river and sea BORDERS. The scurvy Guats are trying to back out of the 1859 and 1931 treaties – but they can’t!  There backward motion is not allowed.  They never owned any part of Belize, we are the true owners of the Jewel.  They want to steal territory.  Therefore, until the Guats drop the claim or the ICJ forces them to fully comply with the very treaties that they had freely signed; the Guats will continue to ‘play serious games.’  While playing the fool, they turn a blind eye to illegal migration, gold panning, settling, hunting, farming etc. on our side of the border.  The longer we wait to force them to do the right thing, the more harm they do to Belize.  The ICJ ruling will force them to recognize and accept the defined borders.  This will help us tremendously in controlling entry into the Jewel, and activities here!

When I was at Fisheries I went to the UNCLOS conference in Jamaica (1983).  My report included twelve miles of territorial sea, Belize’s just entitlement.  I am declaring to you that it was G. C. Price and his PUP who decided to leave nine miles ‘on the table’ for Guatemala ( Maritime Areas Act 1992).  Recall that way back in 1957 Price was caught red-handed trying to forge a political association with Guatemala.  The easily deceived PUP masses shouted:” Contact or no contact…”  Now a partisan political faction is trying to gain power by playing serious games with a national issue.  That also is a fact.  Adele, Wil, Mose, Nuri, Ya-Ya, Luke, Jones and the other members of the cabal are NOT helping the country nor are they helping roots Belizeans by saying and writing foolish things.  Sorry to be so sever but this is a national issue of supreme importance.  The same type of people that stood up and blocked Price’s efforts concerning political association with the enemy; will block each and every effort at deceit and misinformation.  We will make sure that the absolute truth shines on this nation!  We remain on guard for the Jewel. The Guatemalan unfounded claim must fall to the dust!  That is what this is all about…


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