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Thursday, 11 May 2017 00:00

There are growing concerns that gang violence in Belize City has resumed after a month-long calm. Ludwin Lalin, a 19-year-old resident of the Jane Usher Boulevard Area, was shot to death a few blocks away from his home. He’s the second teen to be murdered in 4 days, and his death comes 29 days after all the city’s gangs came together for a ceasefire for as long as possible.

1 day before Ludwin Lalin’s murder, police hosted a family day for the Jane Usher Boulevard area so that all the gangs in that neighbourhood could socialize and de-escalate any internal feuds among themselves. So, with all the efforts being made to encourage peace in all neighbourhoods, nobody expected that a street shooting would have happened. It did however, and Lalin was the victim when he went to buy groceries at a nearby store.

At around 6 p.m. on Monday, May 8, Lalin walked over to a shop, and while on the way, someone ambushed and shot him in the left side of the forehead. He died right on the spot, in an area down the street from his home on Curl Thompson Street, while doing an ordinary, everyday thing.

His cousin spoke very candidly about the pain she and the rest of her family are enduring in the wake of his murder. She explained that in the mornings, they were first to awake in the house, and so she is already anticipating that she will miss their usual conversations at that time of the day.

There are no known motives for Lalin’s murder, but his cousin did share with the press that he confided in her that he had made enemies recently. He had reportedly received threats a few months ago, and on the day of his death. It is believed that because he crossed over into a rival gang’s territory, he became a target. His cousin insists that he never goes to this particular shop, and she had the most difficult time trying to convince him to do so. Even though it was a short distance away, he reportedly preferred to go far out of his way to buy groceries for the house.

No one knows why he chose Monday night to go to that shop, but he went to that location, and he was gunned down.