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Thursday, 11 May 2017 00:00

Elvin Penner, the former UDP Area Representative of Cayo Northeast, has gone before the Senate Select Committee with no intentions of being forthcoming or helpful in its investigation of the Immigration Department.

For the first time in over 3 and a half years, he gave his first public comments on his time at the Immigration Department, and about Won Hong Kim. Readers will remember that Kim is the South Korean Fugitive who Penner reportedly assisted to get a passport that he did not qualify for under Belize law.

In his first public, disclosures since being sacked as a Cabinet Minister and as a UDP standard bearer, Penner told the Senate Committee that he will not answer questions pertaining to Won Hong Kim. His reasoning is that he has already been tried criminally by COLA for this passport, and he was acquitted. He said that his attorneys have advised him that this case cannot be retried, and so he should not answer any questions on issues that could have been the subject of his criminal prosecution. Additionally, Penner said that his attorneys say that the evidence act allows him protection from self incrimination, and he will be abiding by it.

He was warned several times by Committee Chairman Aldo Salazar that he can be criminally prosecuted if the Senate believes that he is deliberately refusing to answer questions that he is compelled to, under the Legislative Powers and Privileges Act of the 1960’s. He responded that he is prepared to face any consequence that the Senate deems he must face for his refusal to answer their questions.

He stayed true to that position refusing to answer several pointed questions on Won Hong Kim, but the big reveal of the day was that he claimed to have met Kim on two separate occasions. He said that both of those were in Mainland China and in Taiwan, and so that implied that he could not have taken Kim to the Belmopan office to apply for his passport, as he had claimed back in 2013. At that point, Penner resumed his stance not to answer any further questions on Won Hong Kim.

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