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Thursday, 11 May 2017 00:00

A Belize City woman was robbed at knife point on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 while leaving her workplace on Marine Parade in Belize City. Nazli D’Silva, a 57-year-old manager of Fish Island, was heading to her car when her attacker, a man identified as 48-year-old Harrison Powell, held a knife to her and robbed her.

Powell, who is known as a repeat offender, was unrepresented in court and pleaded guilty to the charge of robbery. D’Silva was robbed of an orange and purple bag which contained an iPod, valued at $1,500, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, valued at $1,500, a pouch containing a total of $1,000, reading glasses valued at $200, her company’s check book, and other personal items.

According to D’Silva, she was leaving her workplace when she felt someone hold her from behind with a hard object to her back. She saw a man of dark complexion holding a silver butcher knife which he used to cut the purse which was over her shoulder. The man took her bag and ran into Eve Street. She was soon met by a patrolling police mobile and noticed that they already had her attacker in their custody. She identified her bag to the officers.

Magistrate Carlon Mendoza accepted his guilty plea and imposed the minimum prison term for the offense of robbery: a total of five years, effective from Wednesday, May 10, 2017.