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Thursday, 11 May 2017 00:00

Wilhelm Gillette has been set free from prison after 4 ½ years on remand for the September 15, 2012 murder of Norval Belisle. Gillette was brought before Justice Madam Antionette Moore who found him not guilty of murder in the trial by judge. He was represented by attorney Arthur Saldivar for his trial in Belmopan but was represented by attorney Leeroy Banner at the ruling.

The case against Gillette began on April 10, 2017 and ended three days later. He was acquitted of the charge on Friday, May 5, 2017 after the Justice said that she was unsure of Gillette’s guilt due to the quality of the identification given by the Crown’s two main witnesses.

According to both witnesses, they had been with Belisle earlier in the day. They later decided to go to E&L’s bar, which is just a few minutes from La Cabana Bar. On their way home, they were approched by a group of three men. In the group was Gillette. Gillette allegedly asked one of the witnesses for a smoke. They all hung out for a while and a fight soon ensued.

Both witnesses claim to recall a man approaching Belisle and seeing that man stab Belisle to the throat with a broken pint bottle. They both say that it was Gillette that they saw break a bottle and approach Belisle. Although the attacker’s back was turned to them, they both agreed that the attacker wore a blue wave rag/cap. They pointed Gillette out on the dock but there was no identification parade that was done preceding the murder charge.

Justice Moore admitted that while the versions of events from the two witnesses coincided to a significant degree, she believes that they could both be making a mistake as it relates to the identity of the criminal.

On stand, Gillette gave a sworn testimony in his defense. The prosecutor in the case was Kileru Awich. Belisle’s injuries, after being examined by Dr. Mario Estradabran, resulted in his death caused by vascular shock.