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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 11 May 2017 00:00

When the People’s United Party succeeded in gaining control of the OWTC in 2012, their leadership spent countless prime time hours on CTV3 in lamenting about an 8,000 debt contracted by the previous Town Council under Phillip de la Fuente for street works carried out by Demars Construction Company.   The present mayor even challenged this debt contract in the Supreme Court but had to honor the said debt.

No sooner had the ink dried on the court ruling when the Mayor started to court the principal of Demars Construction Company, Mr. Denny Grijalva, to extend the same credit facility to his Council only he wanted ten times the disputed amount. Rumors around town are that presently the Council is in the RED for $1.6 M to Demars, in addition they also owe a Mennonite contractor for about a third that amount. So the same man who once railed endlessly on TV about inherited debt has no qualms to sink his successor deep in mire just so as to get a wink from the powers-that- be to run in OW East for the 2020 Generals.

Speaking about general elections I had not seen the old Monchi Cervantes for months until yesterday when I was flipping channels I noticed this insipid, startled-looking man singing his heart out on CTV3, his interpretation of a serenade to the mothers of OWT. Not to be outdone, Phillip de la Fuente got hold of an old Sanford and Son truck and circled the town Wednesday morning blasting away his speakers, only he had the better sense to let Juan Antonio Solis do the singing for him. Anything for a vote these days! They seem to love our mothers more than we do.

So Monchi is back on the political landscape. Imagine! I say this because if he had not gotten the famous wink from Juan Antonio Briceño, he could not have appeared with Cammie on Despierta Belice. Seems they will iron out their infighting for the North, and will allow Wawa to run in the East. I tell you this much, any PUP who likes to brag that He/she has never lost an election, he/she can get inducted to that famous losing gallery in OW East.  Just like how OW Central votes solid for the PUP, when a UDP rep performs well in the East, as how Hon. Elodio Aragon is presently doing, it’s hard for the PUP to make inroads. Especially since a former PUP rep tends to back the UDP at election time because of his deep dislike for Juan Antonio Briceño.

The bottom line for March 7, 2018 is that whosoever wins the OWTC, that Party will inherit a debt servicing of $10,000/ month.  At least the major players now residing upstairs of town hall will have to find other employment to service their mortgages rather than from the present cookie jar better known as under-depositing at Traffic. This brings us to the question, when will there be audited financials for the OWTC for the period 2014 to 2017? Before the upcoming municipals, we hope!

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