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Thursday, 11 May 2017 00:00

Over the weekend, some Belizean cyclists travelled to Cozumel, Mexico, to participate in the ‘Carrera de Ciclista Cozumel 2017”.  Darien Anderson, Darnell Barrow and Byron Pope represented Benny’s Megabytes, Herman ‘Hijo’ Requena for Westrac Alliance, Brandon and Kaya Cattouse represented Smart C-Ray, Santino Castillo from Team Santinos, Gian Lino from Cabral/Marin Cycling and Shawn Codd rode for Team Yapurlandia.

In the Elite Race, which was 70 miles,  Byron Pope was in a 2 man break away that survived all the way to the finish line.  Pope edged out the Mexican to win the race.  Darnell Barrow showed no signs of selfishness when he gave Brandon Cattouse the perfect lead out, Cattouse won the bunch sprint and was 4th overall.

In the 50 miles Masters B category, Santino Castillo placed 3rd.  He was also in a break- away which survived to the finish line.  It came down to a sprint.

Shawn Codd won the junior category and 2017 Jr Cross Country Champion, Gian Lino, was 2nd.  They were both in 3 man break away where Gian Lino was forced to do majority of the work; he had to settle for second place when his derailer malfunctioned in the sprint.

In the 40 miles Female Category Race, Kaya Cattouse took the top spot on the podium for the 4th consecutive year.  She was in a 6 woman break away from which she managed to get away from and cross the finish line in solo fashion some 45 seconds in front.

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