22 Honduran prisoners escaped- possibly enroute to Belize' Print E-mail
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Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:00

Authorities have been warned that some 22 prisoners have escaped detention from the Marco Aurelio Soto prison, an overcrowded military prison in Honduras. The prison holds 17,000 inmates in a facility designed to host 8,000. It is believed that some of them are possibly headed to Belize. The escapees are of the infamous Barrio 18 gang in Honduras.

The escape occurred while prisoners were in the process of being transferred to a higher-security facility and although the escape occurred sometime last week, prison authorites were not made aware of the breakout until days later. They escaped from the “Scorpion” section. A unit made especially for person of the notorious Bario 18 gang. The director and other officers that were on duty at the time of the escape have been suspended pending investigations.

In 2014, the administration of President Hernandez ordered that the biggest prisons be supervised by military due to prisoners escaping the same facility in 2013.