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Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:00

I decided to stay tuned to Wave television this morning, Wednesday May 17, since they announced earlier that my friend Fonso would be on with Joe. Maybe I am one of those old people who opposes change, but I consider Fonso and Joe Bradley as complementary to each other on the morning show.   After all it is considered a political talk show not “Court TV”. People want to hear the latest “chisme” and enjoy when the UDP’s radio and TV station lashes back at those who dedicate their entire morning shows in attacking this UDP government.

Even the old Hon. Finnegan treated us today with his insightful opinions. And from his comments I identified my topic for today. Due to my on/off submissions to the Guardian newspaper, I am open to a lot of passionate opinions: both from Red and Blue supporters. The BLUE try to convince me that they represent a softer, gentler social agenda for Belize, and care more for the poor. Their conviction may be sincere but so far all we have seen from the PUP during their last three terms in office since 1989 is a bundle of shenanigans which made several of their area representatives and their henchmen filthy rich. For example- whom do you think is the richest born Belizean? Did your thoughts go to Bowen, Santino, or Ralph?Even if not so, the last name crossed your mind, right? I will leave you with that and return to my topic, before I run out of space or time.

Hon. Finnegan was deliberating on the UDP’s strategic succession planning afterHon. Barrow departs in 2019 or before. Without disrespect to the present DPM, Hon. Faber, Finnegan began to list the political assets in the leadership of the UDP t in an effort to underscore  the argument of continuity and viability for the Red Party to remain in Government for a fourth term. He mentioned, Figueroa, Barnett, Castillo, Marin, Hulse, Heredia, etc. My own list is very similar to the Hon’s only mine derives from opinions from my guests and includes Hon. Faber as well but is limited to Hon. Aragon, Hon. Barnett, Hon. Figueroa, and Hon. Hulse. It also includes a man who draws respect from both Parties but may bring controversy my way: Mr. Mark Espat.

My intention is not to cast doubt or disrespect on the present hierarchy of the UDP, just to throw something out there that is outside the box. And as I mentioned before I have the advantage of being exposed to diverse opinions, sometimes out of the Blue, no pun intended. It would be interesting to see the PUP’s succession planning: Musa, R/F Fonseca, C. Hyde, E. Courtnay, Lisa Shoman, Dolores Balderamos???Imagine!!