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Written by By Barry Fraser   
Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:00

In the Gospel of John, chapter 16, verse 24,Jesus said, “Until now you have asked for nothing in My name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be made full.”

Every prayer should have a foundation on which to build up to answers. The foundation is made up of our definite request which is supported by the word of God with thanksgiving.

The next stage is to make all our following prayers a reminder of our request and His word. Let’s think of it in terms of asking a friend for something. If they promise to give it to us and we have not received it, we do not go and ask them afresh, but we will keep reminding them until it is done.

As believers, if we find it in the word then it is our assurance of God’s promise to give it to us. We have two tasks for the word with regards to God and the devil. First is to keep thanking God in faith that we have received His promise. Second is to use the word as a weapon to fight off doubts which the devil brings to stop us from receiving our answer. God works in the faith unseen realm which is higher and more powerful than the seen realm. Therefore we are encouraged to fight the good fight of faith so we can have victory. The devil works in the world so he will try to get us into his territory so he can deceive us.

So for example if we have a sickness and we pray for healing and still feel the symptoms. The devil will ask us do you think you are healed? Because he knows when we start thinking we will get into reasoning which will make us doubt the word of God. So our response should be “I know I am healed because of God’s promise in 1 Peter 2:24,” and follow it with worship.

Eventually if the devil notices that we are steadfast in the word he has to leave us alone. Just like he left after Jesus told him it is written during His temptation in the wilderness. One important promise which is our foundation for trusting God is that He loves us and gave His best for us.