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Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:00

Louis Wade, the talk show host from Belmopan who has maintained consistent Pro-PUP views, is facing criminal charges in the Magistrate’s Court in San Ignacio. He will have to answer to an allegation that he disrespected and assaulted a Belizean citizen during the course of what he says was his investigation of a news story.

The incident allegedly happened on November 27, 2016 at the compound of the Santa Elena Sports Complex, which was being constructed. Wade claims that someone called him for the next “UDP scandal”. That’s when he went to the Complex, and he allegedly got into an altercation with Robert Montero. The complainant says that Wade assaulted him and used insulting words.

Wade on the flip side, is claiming that Robert Montero, the son of the Minister of Works, Rene Montero, arrived at the Complex after him. Wade claims that Montero saw him taking pictures and videos of the working men and equipment, and according to Wade, Montero tried to run him over with the red pick-up he was driving.

While publicly Wade has reported that he felt that his life being threatened by Montero, police have consistently maintained that Wade has been unable to produce any actionable evidence to support his claim that Montero tried to intentionally knock him down. What’s more, in a statement to police by Wade, he admittedly states that he did not see who the driver of the vehicle was. This is in complete contrast to what he’s been spewing on the media. In his statement to police Wade said that “I found it very strange that the vehicle came and parked in front of me but no one came out of the vehicle so I could not see who was actually in the vehicle.”

He has spun this tale of political victimization, and interference with the police investigation into the case. Without any proof, he is accusing the San Ignacio Police of allowing meddling so that the investigator working on the case disregarded his version of the incident. What is true is that Wade’s statement is in complete contradiction to what he is saying on the media. There are many elements  missing from it to justify anyone being charged. What’s worse is that in his statement he did not know who the driver of the vehicle was but now all of a sudden on social media and talk shows he knows who the driver is.

In particular he is claiming to have video footage of what transpired which up to present is yet to be made public. During an interview with 7 News he stated that the police only asked him once for the video and on Channel 5 he stated that for six months the police have been asking him to show them the video.

Because these allegations are considered minor charges, there is a 6-month time-limit before the police can no longer pursue it. It’s called a statute bar limitation, and Superintendent Richard Rosado, the officer commanding San Ignacio Police, has told the press that Wade is deliberately misleading the general public for his own selfish reasons.

He said, “An offence was committed by Mr. Wade and all the evidential material supports the charges laid against Mr. Wade. Mr. Wade knows that happened. He informed us that he has certain evidential materials. Why was he not forthcoming with those evidential materials?”

Wade has made these wild claims – without proof -  against the police department, suggesting all kinds of improper motives, when there appears to be a legitimate answer. Who’s to say that he hasn’t made up this fictional assault that he claims Robert Montero committed. He claims to have video proof which he will share with the press. None of these videos, which can back up the assault claim, has been forthcoming.

What is fast becoming evident is that Wade continues to lie and use his talk show and social media  to gain public sentiment.


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