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Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:00

There is need for us to explain that although Alberto August has been joined by persons who are members and supporters of the UDP, the protest being done and led by Alberto August is being done by him as a PRIVATE CITIZEN and not in his capacity as the Chairman of the UDP. That is important because Eamon Courtenay and the PUP are trying to push that protest as being a UDP action, that had been sanctioned by the leadership of the UDP. August as a private citizen enjoys the same privilege that Mr Courtenay enjoys. There are times when Courtenay acts in his capacity as Eamon the Senator, who was appointed by the Governor General on the advice of the Leader of the Opposition. Then there are those times when he acts in his capacity as Eamon the private citizen/PUP CHIEF STRATEGIST /PERSONAL ADVISOR TO JOHNNY BRICEÑO. And there are those times he acts in his professional capacity, as the ATTORNEY/ CHIEF ADVOCATE / ATTACK DOG, appearing for and on behalf of his LORD & MASTER. We also need to remind Belizeans, that it is not the first time, that a protest took place inside the National Assembly. There were other such instances. The most recent that comes to mind is when members of the National Trade Union Congress stood up and chanted “ pass the OSH bill now “ .That protest action took place just about two years ago.

Although some people may say that there is no difference between the two Eamons, technically there is a difference, even if it is only figuratively speaking. There is where the similarity between the two gentleman end. Unlike Courtenay who paints this picture of himself as being this superior being who is never wrong, August was quick to PUBLICLY ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for the situation that got out of hand during his last protest against Eamon Courtenay. He explained that as soon as he led the group outside of the gallery, he admonished them about their interactions towards the media. Stating, that they viewed the media as allies who were there solely to document whatever was occurring and report to those other persons who cannot be there with them. As such he explained to his group that the media were not to be accosted. August did not only accept responsibility but he also humbly apologized to the Senate, Media and the Nation on behalf of himself and his group, he also promised to do his best to try and prevent another such confrontation.

On Tuesday there was a Press Release from a new organization know as, “Belizeans Against Courtenay (BAC )” . The organization is the brain child of and is led by Mr Alberto August. That release stated the following.” Acknowledging that the time has come for the Belizean people to raise in protest of the actions of Eamon Courtenay who, in the selfish furtherance of the interests of the opposition People’s United Party and his Lord, Michael Ashcroft, is hell bent on unleashing hardships on the Belizean People, the formation of the group “Belizeans Against Courtenay “ (BAC) is herewith officially announced.

The primary actions and objectives of BAC is to peacefully protest against Eamon Courtenay’s actions and to call for his removal from the Senate of Belize where he currently sits as a legislator whilst continuing to serve as a chief advocate serving the personal interests of Lord Michael Ashcroft which, apart from what seems to be a blatant conflict of interest situation, is certainly not in the best interest of the masses of the Belizean People. It was Belize’s National Hero, Hon. Phillip Goldson, who warned us many years ago: “The time to save your country is before you lose it”

Come, Join the call for the removal of Eamon Courtenay from the Senate of Belize. In Courtenay’s eyes we do not exist.” August, the President of BAC, asked Belizeans to join the movement to save the country. Persons may do so by either Inboxing him via his Facebook account under his name Alberto August or by calling 610-4184 .

Apparently , BAC is of the opinion, that Eamon Courtenay, lacks the MORAL STANDING, to sit in the Senate and represent Belizeans as a senator and as such, should not be sitting there questioning and at the same time trying to belittle witnesses who appear before the senate. Readers would remember two weeks ago when he asked a witness, if the witness knew Pontius Pilate. We take it that he, was making an inference that the witness was trying to wash his hands of the stain of being involved in Passport Fraud, the same way Pilate tried to wash his hands from the stain of being involved in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Perhaps what that witness should have told him was that there were two other infamous men in the story of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. There was Judas aka Eamon Courtenay and Barabas aka Thieving Vernon Harrison Courtenay. BAC has vowed that it will stay engaged as long as Eamon Courtenay remains as a Senator.

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