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Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:00

The Guardian Newspaper has confirmed that the People’s United Party through its leader asked the chairman of the Special Senate Select Committee to postpone the meeting which was scheduled for May 24. They claim that had some intelligence that there was going to be some security risk at the meeting.

There is absolutely no evidence to the PUP’s claim but it seems that the Senate Select Committee’s work has now ran its course and the PUP, in a feeble attempt are trying to keep the Senate engaged as long as possible hopefully into the next municipal elections with the hope that it would sway voters against the UDP. What the PUP does not understand is that there is not a single person who was called or will be called that will be running for the UDP in that election.

As everyone at the municipal level can see, the UDP mayors and councils have been doing an exceptional job and the voters will be casting their ballots based on that performance, not on any political witch hunt which the PUP want the Senate to engage in.