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Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:00

Orange Walk police received information on May 20, 2017 of a house fire at Chips Alley, Louisiana Area, Orange Walk Town. There they saw an 18’ by 20’ plywood house with zinc roofing engulfed in flames. The flames were eventually put out but not before all the contents were destroyed. Investigations reveal that Roy Mangar had a misunderstanding with his father Lincoln Pratt where Mangar threatened to burn down the house. Pratt received a phone call at his workplace that his son was dismantling his house. He made his way to the house where he saw Mangar setting the house on fire. Mangar has since been detained and is pending charges of arson.

Meanwhile in Belize City, police visited #279 Starfish Crescent, on May 21 where they met Andrew Ferguson, a 28-year-old teacher. Ferguson reported that he was awakened by his wife who told him that someone had broken a glass in the house. Ferguson noticed that a side of the front of his house was engulfed in flames. He saw a bottle that had the strong scent of kerosene. He managed to extinguish the fire. Polce investigations continue.