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Written by By Ed U. Kate   
Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:00

Publisher, Evan X Hyde wrote:  “You have to wonder about Belize, you know. This weekend we will be celebrating yet another of these holidays for which none of us natives really understands the explanation or rationale.” ‘None of us natives really understands’ is a false generalization!

On May 24, 2013 Janine Leslie posted: Commonwealth or Sovereign’s Day, as it is known to us today, is the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations an inter-governmental organization of 54 independent or sovereign states. The organization promotes free association, the common values of democracy, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, free trade and even world peace. Belize joined the Commonwealth of Nations in the year of its independence, 1981.  Belize is known as a constitutional monarch within the Commonwealth.  This means that the Queen is no longer involved in the country’s daily governance but still continues to play a significant role in its ceremonial and symbolic events.

At this year’s official ceremony I did not see Min. Saldivar, Mayor Bradley or Opposition Leader Briceno; were they no-shows?  Their names were listed on the program.   Did they not send anyone to represent?  The vacuum caused some clumsiness initially.  A few of the spectators complained about ‘things in Belize going backwards.’  I remember clearly the rhetoric that was fed to us by Radio Belize over the years… Then the harrier jump jets flew in; that night the disingenuous Radio Belize used a choral version of the anthem!  The Commonwealth is still very important to us, if for no other reason than the true fact that the unfounded Guatemalan claim is still lurking out there…

All 35 independent countries of the Americas (including Belize) have ratified the OAS Charter and belong to the Organization.  When the followers of “X” burned the OAS Flag, I was 100% certain that they really did not understand what they had done- hurled an unjustified and inexcusable insult at the 35 countries, including Belize.They are always showing a deliberate and obstinate desire to behave in a way that is unreasonable or unacceptable, often in spite of the consequences.

Our Internationalization Campaign depend on those very 89 (54 + 35) countries… and others!  Incidentally, I have not heard the detractors offering any option that is superior to victory at the ICJ; that court will strike down the baseless, unfounded claim – that is my firm belief!

“X” also wrote:” Mose Hyde and I have a prickly relationship at times…Mose had become controversial politically…”  Unionism and Freedom of the Press are just like The Rule of Law… they are allowances by the People for the sole purpose of fostering a better Society.  In the very same way that citizens have a duty to make sure that bad laws are rescinded, the media must not abuse its freedom!  When the three blind mice: prickly Mose, breadfruit Luke and balloon Kathleen so recklessly mixed partisan politics with union activism, they crossed a line!  Oil and water do not mix!

Channel 5 reported on “firebrand Plus TV editor, Louis Wade…” He proudly wears his Partisan Blue Stripes; loudly and boldly!  He is Husband, Father, Editor, Activist, Pastor, Politico… His hands are in way too many pots; it’s impossible for him to get anything right!  No wonder he said:” Yes. Journalists are seen as bottom of the barrel…”   Let me humbly remind all who write for newspapers, magazines, or news websites or prepares news to be broadcast; STAY TRUE TO YOUR TASK.  Do not try to trick the voters.  Especially, do not deceive us to benefit the Big, Wutliss, Thieving PUP!  No Sir, they took BILLIONS!

Let’s take a short trip in History! On page 309 of Smith’s George Price A Life Revealed: “Price reflected… around 1979… It was the time of passport sales.  And this man that lived in Roaring Creek… and his son were in the business of selling passports.”  Reprehensible Eamon should push for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission… after all The Criminal Organization That Went Into Politics created the sale of Belizean passports!  Fix the problems, do not play Mr. Perfect; and on that note can we get our $3.34M? Can you help to get the Ashcroft monkey off our backs?

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