Casual swim in Bermudian landing claims life of a woman Print E-mail
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Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:00

An afternoon swim in the Belize River this weekend ended in tragedy when the victim, 23 year-old Denia Joselyn Zelaya, drowned. Reports are that she was on the river bank in Bermudian Landing, and when she slipped and fell in. The water current quickly swept her away, claiming her life.

Reports to the police are that Zelaya and her common-law husband, Police Constable Dion Bellini, went to the village to enjoy a few hours in the river valley village. On Sunday, May 21, they were enjoying the cool waters of the Belize river near to the Black Howler Evolution Tour, which is a popular swimming location. Reports are that the afternoon was going as planned, but sometime around 1:30 p.m., Zelaya was standing on a cement slab on the river bank, and she lost her footing.

She fell into the river, and when she didn’t resurface, those around realized that her life was in danger. Attempts were immediately made to try to rescue her, but the current carried her away before her common-law husband could reach out for her.

Residents of Bermudian Landing immediately went on diving expeditions to try to locate her, and on Monday, they were joined by the Coast Guard. The search continued into Tuesday, and just before midday, the coast guardsmen found her body near the Bermudian Landing Bridge, about 3 miles away from the village.

Zelaya is originally from Honduras, and that’s also where the majority of her family lives.