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Thursday, 25 May 2017 00:00

For the rest of the week, teachers and students from ITVET schools all across the country will be celebrating Technical and Vocational Education and Training Week. For these students, it’s a special time to remember that their education matters just as much as the traditional forms of learning. This year, it is being observed under the theme, “Diversity TVET: Providing and Promoting Equal Opportunities for both men and women.”

Whether Belizeans realize it or not, a large population of the country’s youths are getting educated through the schools which offer technical and vocation education and training (TVET). It allows for young people who are not equipped for the conventional types of schooling, but who can learn a craft they are fascinated with, which will also empower them to become employed.

The technical and vocation schools have grown over the years to the point where there is one in each District. Just from Belize City alone, ITVET on Freetown caters to over 400 students spread across the day time and evening programs the school offers.

On Tuesday, May 23, the ITVET in Belize City opened its compound to the general public to learn more about the opportunities they provide to their student population. This Open Day is held every year, but ITVET on Freetown also hosted all the ITVET’s from the 5 other districts for the Entrepreneurship Challenge.

For the Open Day itself, all the students from the different programs put on an exhibition for those who drop by, and in the demonstration, they must showcase the skills they’ve been practicing for the last 8 months. This demonstration allows for students to teach the public about their programs, but it allows for the teachers to observe the level of mastery each of the students have gotten in their chosen trade disciplines.

Those disciplines include hospitality and tourism, the culinary arts, cosmetology, electrical engineering, air conditioning and refrigeration, welding, automotive repairs, and a number of other areas of study.

For the Tourism and hospitality, a part of the school’s compound was built to resemble the check-in area of a resort or hotel. Here, the students of the tourism front office need to demonstrate customer service and being able to cater for the guests who would be signing into the rooms they’ve booked for their accommodations.

For Cosmetology, the students have to practice running a salon, and catering to all customers who stop by for hair styling, make-up, manicures and/or pedicures.

For students studying culinary arts, they are expected to run a dining room for customers who stop in. The students must be able to provide a 3-course meal. It is as though they are all part of a restaurant, and they must be able to provide a dining experience that the customers can appreciate.

For the students practicing to become electricians, they must be able to walk a person through the process of wiring a home, a business, or an apartment complex. Students practicing to become AC technicians need to be able to show the ability to teach about the different parts of an AC unit, and its installation.

For the Entrepreneurship Challenge, Each ITVET from the 6 districts must put forward a business idea that the students came up with having gone through their curriculum. The students are expected to demonstrate how the product works, and how it can be a successful enterprise. Last year’s winners were from the Stann Creek ITVET. This year, the Toledo ITVET took home the victory with their coffee beverage that uses grounded coffee beans and cacao grown in the Toledo district.