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Thursday, 01 June 2017 00:00

On Thursday night May 25, 2017, police responded to a fire at the second entrance of the Burrell Boom Village at Bradley’s Boat Yard. According to Steve Bradley, owner, he was in the process of relocating his business from Belize City to Burrel Boom. At the yard, police saw two boat moulds on fire. Two burnt tires and a bottle with gasoline were seen on top of the boat moulds. One of the moulds valued at ,000 was completely destroyed while the other, valued at 0,000, was partially destroyed.

According to Bradley, he was approached by community members who said they would not allow him to use the land as a boat yard. He initially ignored those threats but was forced to take them more seriously when he heard the news of arson on his property. He claims that even before buying the land, he met with the Burrell Boom Village Council to discuss his plans and almost immediately got the green light. Bradley admits that some of the villagers expressed their concern of fiberglass and other air contaminants that would pose respiratory problems but assured them that he had been working with the Central Building Authority and Department of the Environment to ensure that he was following every guideline in the book.

Despite the loss, Bradley says that he will not be deterred from growing his business and providing better services to his clients.