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Thursday, 01 June 2017 00:00

Nicoli Rhys, a well known George Street figure and Ester Garcia, his girlfriend and a former secretary, are on remand after they were denied bail after pleading not guilty of committing an aggravated burglary at the home of Garcia’s ex-boyfriend, well known businessman Mario Galvez.

Allegations are that on Monday, May 22, 2017, the duo along with three males visited the home of Mario Galvez located in the Belama area. Rhys was allegedly in possession of a firearm and the group assaulted Galvez as he exited his house.

Rhys and Garcia appeared before Senior Magistrate Sharon Fraser on Wednesday, May 23, 2017 where they were read two separate charges for their involvement. Rhys was read a charge of aggravated burglary with a firearm upon Mario Galvez while Garcia was charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary. While the couple pleaded not guilty to the charges, they were both denied bail due to the nature of the offenses. They were remanded into custody at the Belize Central prison until July 25, 2017.

In court, the couple asked for permission to explain their side of the story. According to Garcia, she was never the girlfriend of Galvez and she claims that he fabricated the entire story against them. She claims that he is obsessed with her and when he recently saw her with Rhys, he got upset and threatened her. Rhys claimed that at the time of the assault, he was nowhere near Galvez’s home and that Galvez fabricated the story against him.

In a police report, Galvez told the police that on Monday, May 22, 2017, Garcia first called him on his cell phone then later came knocking at his door. When he exited, he claims that was when he was ambushed by four men, one of whom was Rhys. One of the men held him around his neck and that was when the others began assaulting him. They stormed into his house and began to ransack it. They stole his wallet containing $600 and then left.